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Layered Coffee Tables

Natuzzi Tempo Layered Coffee Tables

The coffee table is typically one of the most central pieces of furniture in your living room. Serving many purposes, from holding your beverages or decor, to serving as foot rest or even as a casual dining or chilling spot where you can play games like 안전놀이터, it certainly sees a lot of action. One […]

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Our Dream Homes

Kevin dream home

We asked our Design Consultants to share their dreams with us – their Dream Homes that is! They went to their favorite interior design blogs and found a featured home that represents their style and taste. Read on to get a feel for each of their individual personalities through a complete design. Dwayne This house […]

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Defining Luxury

Natuzzi Italia upholstery

Every individual has their own definition of what luxury means to them. To some, it might be having the most high-tech gadget, the latest season’s clothes, or the hottest car available. In the case of interior design, we can explore different areas of luxury as well. Whether you want to decorate one area of your […]

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Modern vs. Contemporary

Natuzzi Italia upholstery

The team at Hold It has been discussing the differences and similarities between these two terms lately, and it has sparked a lot of interesting debate. When asked the question, “What’s the difference between modern and contemporary design?” many people answer that they are one and the same. However, ask an interior designer or architect […]

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Milan Design Week: Our Picks

Studio Swine Milan Design Week

Last week wrapped up the 2017 edition of Milan Design week, the annual event where the world meets in Italy to see the latest designs, trends and technology for furniture design. This event ultimately influences the furniture, accessories, and textiles that make their way into interiors around the globe. Beyond just furniture prototypes, the event encompasses […]

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White Furniture: Trendy or Timeless?

White Bed - Furniture Store San Diego

White furniture is often a matter of heavy debate. Nevertheless, everyone agrees on one thing: it looks absolutely stunning, especially when taken from dealers like Exquisite Living Furniture. The downside is that when shopping for white furniture you have to pay attention to a lot of elements in the room where you want to feature […]

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Key Trends in 2017

Four Hands Cora Pendant

A new year brings new ideas, intentions and trends. We’ve been scouring our sources to find out what will be the “it” factors of 2017, and there are many things to be excited about. Here are our top 4 selects of the latest and greatest design trends to watch out for this year. 1. Color! […]

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