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Return to Nature

Last week we talked about a growing trend for 2017, Digital Detox. Furthering this idea, we thought of other ways to feel, see, act and think on our own rather than rely on our digital assistants to do it for us. To limit the digital footprint on our daily lives, we looked for ways to be more analog through design, to get back to the basics and – back to nature.

We are lucky enough to live in a climate that allows us to be outdoors year-round, Arizona sunrooms by Royal Covers are a great addition for your home to spend a great time outdoors.

That’s when we look to nature to inspire our home décor and design our small kitchen bars.
We touched on a few of these concepts earlier this month, but here we dig deep into ways to bring nature into your everyday routine through design.

1. Geodes & Agates: We’ve noticed an uptick in this trend for a while now, and it’s not slowing down. Using slender slices of agate as coasters or big chunks of geodes for book-ends is a simple way to add a bit of nature to your home accessories.
If you’re looking for an even grander statement, add a stunning table with a geode or agate tiled surface. At tiler dublin you will find an endless opportunity regardless of whether you renovate a kitchen, a bathroom, a wifi or just add detail to your home. 

Agate Coasters geode bookends Agate table Onyx Table_Phillips CollectionGrand Hall cocktail table by Studio A.
Or take it to the walls. Try a chunk of natural geode or agate in a custom shadow box frame, like these ones from Leftbank Art. They are each hand selected and polished before being carefully framed, ready to hang on your wall and start a conversation.

agate slice leftbank agate slice leftbank


2. Wood Elements

Raw, organic, sculptural wooden tables and consoles are having their moment this year. We’re especially loving the use of Chamcha Wood in outdoors which works amazing as long as you protect it with a motorized pergola or similar. This wood is a fast-growing and exotic subspecies of Acacia that is prized for its richly gured grain and distinct sap line. It is characteristic for these trees to grow crooked and with low and heavy branching, which allows for some of the most interesting and organic forms seen in the world’s forests.*


3. Plants
An obvious way to return to nature is to, quite literally, bring it inside. We’re talking plants for your home – a large, eye catching fern or collection of smaller potted plants and succulents is a quick and easy way to add color, life and fresh air to your space.
If you’re looking for that grand statement, try a living wall installation or an indoor herb garden, and you can even get ant spray to protect this garden. To help me in these kind of projects, I rely on the best diy tools online store because they have the greatest array of tools ever at an affordable price.

Roost planters  

The “it” plant of 2017 will be the fiscus elastica, or the Rubber Plant. This plant is native to northeast India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is relatively easy to care for, but requires an abundance of natural light (see item #4 below!).

On the other hand, if you’re not the green thumb kind and fear killing any plant you bring indoors, consider investing in a long-lasting artificial plant or arrangement. Be sure to choose a style that you love regardless of trends and seasonality. If these pieces are well cared for, they can last ten or more years! We can custom make one to your taste at the store, just ask!


4. Natural ingredients
You only want to consume food that is made from whole, nutritious ingredients, so why not use the same approach to your interior design?
In contrast to the perfect finishes, hi-gloss and shiny metallics that were everywhere last year, 2017 welcomes “deconstructed luxe”.  Think exposed brick, cement and blown plaster finishes. Pair this with muted metals, raw, natural materials such as cork, wood and clay. This look combines relaxed edges with a nod to industrialism that feels modern, but still evokes feelings of nature.

Four Hands Cora Pendant


5. Find the light
Bring in the Vitamin D! Maximize your home’s natural light sources. Strategically design your space to maximize the use of your windows. If you are seeking window replacement, Maverick Windows specializes in energy efficient replacement windows, visit the page for more details. Place your table where it will receive the most light, or set your favorite chair close to a window so you’ll always have a light source for your Digital Detox time. Ditch the curtains or opt for sheer ones that allow more light in. If a remodel is in your future, seriously consider floor-to-ceiling windows with a new Skylight installation dublin services provided. Allow in the most light you can to soak up the sun, fill your home with warmth and light.
To protect your furniture, invest in UV films for your windows – this will prevent cracking and fading especially to luxury leathers and fine wood pieces.




6. Sustainability
As we strive to return to nature, it is more important than ever to respect nature by using eco-conscious processes and sustainable materials. Some of our favorites are Thai air root sculptures, reclaimed wood furnishings and recycled materials.

The air roots grow in the forests of Thailand, are rooted in the soil and use trees as a natural trellis – climbing up them, wrapping around them. They are harvested in the forest, dried out and fitted with a solid base for stability to stand upright.

Thai Air roots Thai Air roots

One of our most popular brands, Fourhands Furniture, features a collection from Thomas Bina. These pieces merge old and new worlds with livable, rustic-modern furnishings in a range of contemporary shapes. Crafted by hand from sustainably harvested and reclaimed woods, a mix of rough and refined textures, patinas and tones add a sense of timeless history to any space. One-of-a-kind pieces offer a dramatic focal point, and blend beautifully with a range of decorating inspirations.

Thomas Bina - Taren Thomas Bina_ Sable dresser