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Natuzzi Tempo Layered Coffee Tables

Layered Coffee Tables

The coffee table is typically one of the most central pieces of furniture in your living room. Serving many purposes, from holding your beverages or decor, to serving as foot rest or even as a casual dining or chilling spot where you can play games like 안전놀이터, it certainly sees a lot of action. One of the latest trends we’ve been noticing across various furniture designers is layered coffee tables.

Layering coffee tables entails using two or more tables of various heights, finishes or materials and joining them together to create a layered focal point in the room. The tables can stay all together, or be pulled apart for different uses. For example, when they are not all grouped together, you can use the tallest piece as a side table closer to the sofa; a low piece can be used for the kids to do homework and study, as an ottoman, or as a place to sit and have a snack; a mid-size piece can be used to hold magazines, books or remotes. The possibilities and combinations are endless!

We asked our Design Consultants to share their favorite layered coffee tables from our vast collection. Read on to see what they chose, or come visit our store to see even more.

Svevo tables by Natuzzi Italia

I love the pairing of Natuzzi Italia’s Svevo coffee and side tables.  The Walnut and Calcatta marble finishes compliment each other beautifully.  And the simple, clean design blends with a variety of styles – from mid-century to contemporary.Ashley

My favorite coffee table that we have is actually a combination of the two Svevo tables by Natuzzi Italia that we have in the Gallery. We have the lower one in Walnut and the taller one in Marble. What is cool about it, is that one of the tables is a mid-height (higher than a coffee table, but lower than a dining table). No one is really doing this yet, but it is such a smart concept. People can put lounge chairs around it and eat there, or gather to play a game as a family. – Elizabeth

Natuzzi Italia upholstery

Tweet table by Calligaris

The Calligaris Tweet collection of tables with its uneven, rounded forms, draws inspiration from the 1950s. Available in a variety of sizes and heights, with metal legs and tops in several materials and finishes, can be combined to suit individual tastes. This combination of sizes creates a unique look that I love.Dwayne

Twet coffee table

Huppé Studio & BDI Terrace Square Coffee Tables

I like the Huppé Studio coffee tables for its simple classic mid-century design and the BDI Terrace Square coffee table for its clean lines and practicality. Great place to display your favorite books or objects!Evelyn

Studio Center layered coffee tables by Huppe

BDI Terrace Square layered coffee table

Tempo by Natuzzi Italia

My favorite layered coffee table is the Tempo collection from Natuzzi Italia. It has a very sleek design with a contemporary look. The powder coated metal base creates an industrial vibe, while the variety of finishes available -from marble to thick tempered and satin glass – gives the collection a very sophisticated feel. The tables can be used individually or paired together for a modern layering effect. – Michelle

Tempo coffee table Natuzzi Italia

Match Coffee Tables by Calligaris

The Match Coffee Table Collection from Calligaris offers a clean and timeless aesthetic and is one of my favorite pieces from the brand. With slightly curved, beveled-edges, the Match series is part of a collection of occasional tables for the modern living room. The best part is that they can overlap and nest within each other, creating a pattern of shapes, textures, and colorsKevin

Africa Rug & Match Fixed Coffee Tables by Calligaris