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Natuzzi Italia upholstery

Defining Luxury

Every individual has their own definition of what luxury means to them. To some, it might be having the most high-tech gadget, the latest season’s clothes, or the hottest car available. In the case of interior design, we can explore different areas of luxury as well. Whether you want to decorate one area of your home or the whole space, which ever the case may be, the best residential interior designer can help you create something that is functional and elegant.

We took a vote and came up with four top categories where we find the most luxury in our interiors. Read on to see what they are!


However you design your space, be it small or large, this area becomes your own little oasis. Maybe you’re lucky enough to work from home and spend lots of time in your home office. We love the Huppe office collection to foster creativity and a sense of organization. Start building your beautiful bathroom glass shower now and make sure to have a residential septic tank cleaning, use Glass Shower Direct’s simple glass shower builder to customize your perfect glass shower and have it shipped to your door directly from the factory.

Tile waterproof board for showers are needed before tiling your bathroom so is important that you consider this when remodeling your bathroom.

Home Office_huppe

Alternatively, maybe your most luxurious space is where you can truly relax – the living room on a plush, comfy sofa that you just sink into, like the lazy time sofa from Camerich.

Spending time here is your “me” time, where you can spend time with loved ones or zone out with the latest entertainment – perhaps decked out in a high-tech media console like the BDI Corridor.

We also are drawn to the absolute luxury of a space dedicated to a tech-free atmosphere. A reading nook or meditation room for those who have the extra space and can take the time to appreciate the refreshment of a digital detox.


When it comes to furniture, we stress quality over quantity. Once you have found your style, invest in well-made pieces of furniture that will last – rather than a cheap plywood piece that you need to assemble yourself and replace in a few years’ time! Our highly trained Design Consultants will guide you to choose the best quality pieces for your lifestyle and budget – whether you are a bachelor living in a downtown high-rise and are looking for something sleek like the Tratto from Natuzzi Italia:

Tratto by Natuzzi Italia

or have a family and need furniture that can hold up against the daily barrage of kids and pets with a durable and easy to maintain upholstery from Calligaris:


You know the saying, “time marches on” – that is why many people value time over money, possessions or status. Time spent with loved ones in comfort can be more important to some than anything else. If that is your idea of luxury, we encourage you to embrace it! Make time to be together with your family and friends. Schedule game nights or neighborhood potlucks. And make these moments all the more enjoyable around a dining table that is capable of intimate affairs like date night, but can also accommodate a large group for a festive party. We love the options from Calligaris like the Esteso table. This one plus many others in the collection are extendable tables that grow with you, and are ready for any sized gathering.

Esteso Table


Personalizing your home, office or business truly is the epitome of luxury. Finding pieces that are truly unique to YOU, ones which help bring your persona to life through design to create a one-of-a-kind space. That is our ultimate goal at Hold It, to help you create your own, unique style and translate it into interior design. If you want to turn your home into a luxurious safe haven, you can rely on professionals such as FindaTrade.