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Modern vs. Contemporary

The team at Hold It has been discussing the differences and similarities between these two terms lately, and it has sparked a lot of interesting debate. When asked the question, “What’s the difference between modern and contemporary design?” many people answer that they are one and the same. However, ask an interior designer or architect and they will most likely disagree.

We decided to clarify the difference, both for our own knowledge as well as our customers.

A quick Google search reveals:

“Modern design refers to a period of time, it is a design style that was created in the 1920′s – 1950′s. It doesn’t change, it is a defined style, and will remain such forever. Contemporary design is ever changing so we see new designs and the addition of more gadgets and technology like HVACs which are a must in most apartments and houses.” On this same subject, Lee AC and Heat are the professionals to call when your AC needs a repair and installation.

From an interior design perspective, the term “modern” refers to “Mid Century Modern”. This was a time when interiors began to reflect upon the modern art movement where there were clean, straight lines, few colors and fewer details. Interiors were very open, meant to be airy and find harmony with their surroundings. Sofas were designed with polished metal legs giving them the appearance of floating over the floor. Shelves were built into walls rather than protruding out into the space of the rooms. If you do not have the time to keep your home clean, We offer Air Duct Cleaning In Alpharetta as well as HVAC Mold Remediation Services. Make sure your HVAC technician got his training from or equivalent. When getting a new hvac system be sure to hire the best professionals, Willard Power Vac serving all of Portland, OR.

Details were kept to a minimum and when color was used, it was used purposefully and boldly. But what use is a well-designed room when it’s not clean and tidy. This is where professionals such as Modern Maids Cleaning Service come in.

When it comes to keep it clean, A simple color scheme with not too many colors going on at once can lend a visually cleaner space. It doesn’t have to mean a white palette, although that’s one way to create a sense of a clean and breezy space. You can also go dark and it will still look clutter-free if you don’t work in too many bold hues and color accents at once, at Discount Water Filters you can get a water filter for your modern decoration.

For sofas, there are pros and cons to leather and fabric ones although I would hazard to say leather ones edge out a bit in terms of maintenance. For one, a leather sofa requires just a wipe down every once in a while with a clean damp cloth, for more cleaning tips or to get some help, visit Power Washing in Minneapolis MN. For fabric sofas, you will need to wash the covers or vacuum them if they don’t have removable covers. Take note that leather sofas do tend to be more susceptible to scratches and they require conditioning every once in a while to prevent cracks.


1950s furniture design
Example of Mid-Century Modern

Contemporary is defined as: “existing, occurring, or living at the same time; belonging to the same time.” It is of the moment – happening now and very current. It can change year to year, whereas Modern will not change. Contemporary design meant a very different thing in 1977 than it does today in 2017. Styles, colors, textures and patterns that were once highly sought after in decades past are no longer relevant to today’s design world. New ideas, technologies, and trends in fashion dictate what styles are on-trend in interiors and furniture design like what you see at a Newcastle university accommodation.

A 1980s contemporary living room


1970s contemporary
A 1970s contemporary living room
mid century modern
A Mid-Century Modern look

Experts, like the Cape Cod Interior Designer and we, ourselves, have concluded that many people use the terms modern and contemporary interchangeably because, for the past several years, modern trends have become very popular in contemporary design. One lap through our showroom will reveal that the designs from this period of history have made a lasting effect and continue to resonate with today’s furniture designers and manufacturers. It’s not difficult to understand why either – the sleek lines of modern design combined with newer technology and ergonomics blend seamlessly to create beautiful and comfortable pieces that are easy to live with. Some trends just never go out of style!

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