Our Dream Homes - Inspiration from Hold It Home Design Consultants
Kevin dream home

Our Dream Homes

We asked our Design Consultants to share their dreams with us – their Dream Homes that is! They went to their favorite interior design blogs and found a featured home that represents their style and taste.

Read on to get a feel for each of their individual personalities through a complete design.


Dwayne's Dream House

This house would be my Dream Home…simply because of the clean lines and the fluid open living/eating space with the outdoor pool/deck area. Some people are worried about washing deck area, but nowadays it is really easy to maintain it. All you need to do is contact this power washing company. They know the right solutions to clean specific surfaces.

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Elizabeth dream home

I have many Dream Homes, but here is one that I would consider to be the best! It is in the Hamptons, and this blog post shows a ton of inspiring photos. What I love most is the mix of pale woods, caramel leather, and the Lindsey Adelman soft gold blown glass chandelier! We carry very good looking reproductions of this chandelier by Nuevo Living. But this fresh, Scandinavian-meets-Beachy look is very much what I am into right now. 

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Kevin dream home

I have always wanted a modern cabin in the woods and I particularly love this little ski chalet in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Quebec. The project was designed with a single global vision: a modern Scandinavian-inspired barn with clean lines. The materials in their raw appearance influenced the general concept, as well as pale colors and natural textures such as wood, concrete, and white. I could spend every day here for the rest of my life and be perfectly content! 

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I chose this house as my Dream Home for various reasons – the main and first reason being the architectural details of the building. When looking at this house from the exterior, the building has a fun look to it- it has lots of Classic Sash Windows and uneven spaces, which I like. An exotic assortment of windows like these can be acquired easily; click here to get your style of windows.

I love the style of this house, from the concrete walls with a combination of woods that warm up the space. I’m drawn to the neutral colors shown throughout and the small pops of color that brighten up the space without over-saturating it. The high ceilings and with wood application to the ceiling to give it an appealing look. When looking to clean your windows to give a better look, see this Toledo OH Exterior Window Cleaning service.

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I love the mix of modern and traditional elements in this home. The lush green and blue tones throughout the property add fun and vibrancy without going overboard and the outdoor living area that spans the length of the home adds is a great continuation of the home’s live-able space.

Ashley Hamptons dream house

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