Living Room Furniture Selection - A Guide by Hold It Home
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How to Select Furniture for your Living Room

Regardless of the amount of time and effort you will have to invest, furnishing your living room is a lot of fun! The point is to make this room as livable and inviting as possible. After all, it’s not only a place for you and your family to gather – it’s also a great place for entertaining guests. For excess or unused furniture, it’s advisable to donate it through Furniture Donation Pick Up if it doesn’t add appeal to your home anymore. 

One of the best parts of choosing living room furniture like which small recliner to get, is that you don’t only have to consider the functionality (which is not often the case with the kitchen or the bathroom, even the bedroom); you can get creative with accent pieces and mixing styles, textures, and colors. For example an useful mosquito killer amazon to reduce those annoying mosquitoes.

Calligaris Alameda Sofa

Calligaris Alameda Sofa

Still, that doesn’t mean you should just buy whatever pieces of modern furniture you can find without planning. To make sure you select concrete furniture that will fit your style, the space, and also complement one another, check out our tips below. Make sure you get a great deal on the nearest TV Bed Store.

Choose the overall theme

Choose a design theme for your living room. Perhaps you already have one or two pieces that you want to make the focal point. It could either be your fireplace logged with firewood for which you can find a good splitter on or the painting on the wall which you find dearly. Start there and design around those items. If you’re starting from scratch, choose from: a color focus, a material focus (upholstery, leather, wood), a contemporary style, a mid-century modern look, or just go for a more eclectic vibe and select pieces from different genres that resonate with you. They sky is the limit!

Loloi Nyla Rug

Loloi Nyla Rug

If you’re unsure, meet with one of our talented Design Consultants who can be your guide and resource.

Decide on the Living Room’s purpose

Once you outline the overall theme, think about what you will mainly use your living room for. Do you plan it to be a place for parties? In that case, modern, contemporary and casual styles would work best because they are inviting and usually make great conversation starters. If you plan to use the living room as a mini home theater, you’ll need a comfortable sofa and practical side tables rather than lots of accent pieces. Have pets and kids? Focus on your materials. Choose fabrics that are stain resistant or woods that are scratch resistant. Find objects that need less care and upkeep and that you won’t have to worry about getting damaged too easily.

Also, you might be lacking in storage space around your home, so you can choose the pieces that will look beautiful but also have the storage capacity. If you need more storage, you can avail one of those shipping containers for sale instead.

And if you host out-of-town guests frequently, a sleeper sofa like those found on sites, is the way to go. The latest models from Innovation are stylish and expand out to a Queen size mattress with a simple mechanism.

If you need more storage to store your other belongings or perhaps unused furniture, you can rely on storage units.


Innovation Buri Sofabed

Do the math and sketch up

The dreaming part is over – grab the tape measure and carefully measure your living room. Don’t forget to include any recessed areas around the space. They may not be good for large pieces but they are perfect for accent tables or other decorative pieces.

Once you get the measurements locked down, use graph paper to sketch out a floor plan and start ”filling it” with furniture. If you want a statement sofa, account for a big chunk of space in the plan. Think of other elements you wish to include and where you would want them.

Don’t forget to allow for at least a few feet of space between the different pieces of furniture. Otherwise, the room will be seriously cramped.

Camerich Living Room White Leather Sofas

Camerich Lazy Time Sectionals

Decide on the focal point

Most often, the focal point of every living room is the center. All the pieces are placed around it and in accordance with it. For instance, a sofa sectional can be the focal point of your living room, meaning that you will need at least one coffee table and a couple of side tables. The Calligaris brand boasts a lovely light gray Square sofa, which combines perfectly with the Low-T coffee table, while the chartreuse Lazy chair stirs up the color scheme.

Square Sofa & Lazy Arm Chair by Calligaris

Square Sofa & Lazy Arm Chair by Calligaris

Don’t forget about…

Doorways! That’s the common mistake people make when measuring their living room for furniture. They get the measurements right but fail to measure the doorways. Result? Their perfectly selected furniture cannot get through the door!

Pick out the basics first

You’ve got the main theme and the overall purpose of the room. Now let’s get to the nitty gritty – picking out the furniture. First, decide on the basic pieces most living rooms feature: sofa, armchairs, center table, media console and side tables. Chances are that these are going to be the largest pieces in your living room, so once you’ve accounted for those, you can start adding other pieces around them.

Natuzzi Italia upholstery

Tempo sofa by Natuzzi Italia

Based on the style you envisioned, you can choose from a variety of occasional chairs, ottomans, benches, coffee tables, lamps, accessories – and so much more!

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Selection of home accessories and décor

Shop for high-quality pieces

Living room furniture is not something you should skimp on. You are going to be spending lots of time in this room and the furniture will get much use. With low-quality furniture, you risk premature wear and tear. Imagine decorating your entire living room around a sofa you liked only to see the sofa break down after a couple of months. Frustrating, isn’t it?

BDI Semblance Wall Unit

BDI Semblance Wall Unit

Many of our product manufact urers offer a warranty*, be sure to ask our Design Consultants about product warranties and what is and is not covered as well as expiration dates.

Come check out the collection at Hold It Contemporary Home – our design consultants will show you around and advise you on how to choose from the most sought after living room furniture brands on the market today.