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Inspiring Mantras from Famous Designers

Vladmir Kagan

Working in a creative industry like interior and furniture design, we find inspiration everywhere. Many times it is visual inspiration, but sometimes spoken words can have a great impact on a person’s sense of design. Below are a few mantras from influential designers that have resonated with us. Do you have a favorite design mantra […]

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Defining Luxury

Natuzzi Italia upholstery

Every individual has their own definition of what luxury means to them. To some, it might be having the most high-tech gadget, the latest season’s clothes, or the hottest car available. In the case of interior design, we can explore different areas of luxury as well. Whether you want to decorate one area of your […]

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Qualities We Love About Contemporary

Woman Relaxing on Re-Vive - Bedroom Furntiture in San Diego

Just like the fashion industry, furniture trends change each year, which is one of the most exciting things about the industry – there is always something new to discover! Contemporary furniture has the power to transform the look of any space, but you may not realize that many pieces also have unique characteristics which make them […]

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Milan Design Week: Our Picks

Studio Swine Milan Design Week

Last week wrapped up the 2017 edition of Milan Design week, the annual event where the world meets in Italy to see the latest designs, trends and technology for furniture design. This event ultimately influences the furniture, accessories, and textiles that make their way into interiors around the globe. Beyond just furniture prototypes, the event encompasses […]

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White Furniture: Trendy or Timeless?

White Bed - Furniture Store San Diego

White furniture is often a matter of heavy debate. Nevertheless, everyone agrees on one thing: it looks absolutely stunning, especially when taken from dealers like Exquisite Living Furniture. The downside is that when shopping for white furniture you have to pay attention to a lot of elements in the room where you want to feature […]

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Design Tips: How to Design your Dining Room

Four Hands Bonham Table

One of our favorite rooms of the home to design is the dining room. This is the “heart of the home”, where families gather to spend time together, share meals and celebrate life’s milestones. Whether you use your dining room every day for each meal, or only on special occasions when hosting for large groups, […]

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Pendry San Diego: The Gaslamp’s Newest Addition

Pendry Pool

Earlier this month, the Montage International hotelier group revealed their newest project, the Pendry Hotel San Diego. This $120 million project took over two years to complete, but the final result is well worth the wait. The hotel has a “low-key luxury” vibe and is designed to attract a similar – but perhaps more laid […]

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Get in the Mood

Eightmood Rocking Bowls

In southern Sweden, just minutes away from the flourishing city of Malmö and a short drive to Copenhagen, Denmark, you will find the creative workspace of our newest maker, Eightmood. Here, in a converted salt warehouse known as ‘Saltimporten’, the creatives of design house Eightmood are are working away to create beautiful, stylish home accessories. […]

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Muse Modern

Nora Vases Detail

Muse Modern by Gold Leaf Design Group is a carefully curated, boutique collection staged within a creative ‘experimental playground’ setting. Avant-garde objects span an array of materials, moods and functions that defy categorization. Furniture, sculpture, wall décor and accessories are all represented. The goal for Muse Modern is to be inspired by art and go further, […]

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Brilliant Bedrooms – Valentine’s Day Inspiration

It’s the most romantic day of the year! Even if you show your appreciation the other 364 days, why not take advantage of this one to to show your loved one that you care? Or, for the single folks, why not treat yourself to a little extra pampering? A great way to give yourself or […]

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