Air Roots from Thailand Just Arrived!

Air Roots from Thailand

This week we received a new shipment of Air Roots from Thailand. These twisting, organic shapes create intriguing designs and make for interesting additions to modern décor. So what are Air Roots, you ask? Simply put, air roots (or Aerial Roots) are roots above the ground. Plants with these kinds of roots intake water and […]

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Get in the Mood

Eightmood Rocking Bowls

In southern Sweden, just minutes away from the flourishing city of Malmö and a short drive to Copenhagen, Denmark, you will find the creative workspace of our newest maker, Eightmood. Here, in a converted salt warehouse known as ‘Saltimporten’, the creatives of design house Eightmood are are working away to create beautiful, stylish home accessories. […]

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Muse Modern

Nora Vases Detail

Muse Modern by Gold Leaf Design Group is a carefully curated, boutique collection staged within a creative ‘experimental playground’ setting. Avant-garde objects span an array of materials, moods and functions that defy categorization. Furniture, sculpture, wall décor and accessories are all represented. The goal for Muse Modern is to be inspired by art and go further, […]

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