Get in the Mood - Eightmood at Hold It Contemporary Home in San Diego
Eightmood Rocking Bowls

Get in the Mood

In southern Sweden, just minutes away from the flourishing city of Malmö and a short drive to Copenhagen, Denmark, you will find the creative workspace of our newest maker, Eightmood. Here, in a converted salt warehouse known as ‘Saltimporten’, the creatives of design house Eightmood are are working away to create beautiful, stylish home accessories. Memories of travel, nature, views of the city docks, and energy from fellow creatives, designers and retailers who share the space within the warehouse fuel their inspiration.

Saltimporten Warehouse

Their common goal? To make modern interior design available to all. By fusing creativity with the latest trends, Eightmood brings their inspiration to life. They aim to enrich lives by creating modern home collections to suit every mood, season and setting.

When the design group began in 2010, they started with eight seasonal collections, hence their name. But just as the figure 8 represents infinity, their name has evolved into a symbol for infinite ideas and possibilities. Like the transient nature of design trends, Eightmood is constantly evolving.

Eightmood Accessories

Eightmood’s collections provide tools for everyone to express their individual style and create unique spaces. They capture new design trends seasonally and refine them into eight tangible design concepts of compelling interior design.

We are happy to include their luxurious line of dupion silk pillow cushions in our home accessories collection. These cusions have a unique texture and the signature glow of the dupion fabric enhances the rich colors. It can look both shiny and matte, depending on the lighting.

We also have included the unique and thoughtfully designed rocking bowls in black metal and polished silver. These bowls were designed to add a little extra intrigue and interaction with their contents. The bowl will lean towards the side where there is the most weight. Whether it is filled or not, it is just as beautiful.

Eightmood Rocking Bowl SilverEightmood Rocking Bowl Black

We invite you to see these accessories in our store and flip through their lookbook for even more inspiration.