Brilliant Bedrooms - Valentine's Day Design Inspiration from Hold It Contemporary Home in San Diego

Brilliant Bedrooms – Valentine’s Day Inspiration

It’s the most romantic day of the year! Even if you show your appreciation the other 364 days, why not take advantage of this one to to show your loved one that you care? Or, for the single folks, why not treat yourself to a little extra pampering? A great way to give yourself or your loved one a little TLC is, well, in the bedroom! Whether it’s someone new or not, the BEST way to catch their attention is with a fantastic bedroom. Your bedroom should be a direct extension of your style, your personality and how you express yourself and the best orange county home builders can help you with it- plus, it is probably covered in your pheromones which can’t hurt either! 

Think of your first reaction to meeting someone you find attractive – that flutter in your throat and increase in your heart rate… you want your bedroom to give you and your partner that same reaction, you will love the best mattress stores – gottasleep has online. Just like your aesthetics (and hopefully your relationship!) it should be personal, comfortable and well-curated. Add up those elements and use the best bamboo comforter, you’ll have instant sex appeal. You can also try Eva hybrid mattress for utmost comfort which makes you sink into your bed easily.

Read on to see our top picks for well curated bedroom combinations to inspire you this Valentine’s Day.



If you like the more rustic look, try these from Huppe:

Huppe Bed Huppe Bed Huppe Bed


Some minimalist looks from Pianca:

Pianca_boiserie-spazioPianca_Trama-Plano boiserie-spazio-e-people


Soft and romantic upholstered beds from Calligaris:

Hampton Bed Calligaris Soft BedHampton Bed


To see more from our bedroom collection, click here or stop by the store to test them out in person!