DC Spotlight: Dwayne Lutringer

Design Consultant Spotlight: Dwayne Lutringer

This week we are highlighting our fabulous Design Consultant, Dwayne Lutringer. We asked Dwayne a few questions diving into his design taste and personality.

Dwayne’s true personality shines through in his answers – he gets right to the point with no fluff. Maybe that’s why he likes clean, minimal design? Ask him next time you see him!

Dwayne Lutringer


 So Dwayne, where do you find design inspiration?  In people.

What is your favorite aspect of design? Seeing a design concept come to fruition.

Where is your favorite spot in San Diego to go and get inspired? Balboa Park.

What is the first question you ask your clients about a new project? Do you prefer Contemporary or Modern? (aka Mid-Century Modern) 

Hint: We wrote a blog bout the differences between Contemporary and Modern.

What is your favorite brand that we carry and why?  Natuzzi Italia because this brand offers a history and story that most brands don’t. And their selection from Contemporary to Modern has a level of comfort and style that you cannot find with other companies.

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