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Sofa or Sectional? We can help you decide!

Want to style your living room with a statement focal piece of furniture? Or perhaps you want to get some lounging space in your bedroom? Sofas and sectionals are the go-to solutions! However, how do you decide between the two? Each will impact the aesthetics, functionality, and comfort in its own way – not to mention different varieties of each type.

Here’s what to consider when making a choice between a sofa and a sectional.

Type of room

The very first thing to think about is the room type and purpose. For family rooms and living rooms, sectional sofas are usually a better choice because they provide more lounging space without anyone feeling left out. With only one sofa, you will need to have a couple of chairs to get enough seating space. Some people even decide on purchasing two sofas and placing them facing each other across the coffee table.
One the other hand, if you want to style your bedroom up with a contemporary designer piece, a sofa is the way to go. What’s more, many homeowners prefer having loveseats in the bedroom because they are even more space-saving than sofas.

Danny Sofa

Smaller rooms

Contrary to popular belief, a sectional can sometimes be a smarter solution for a smaller living room than a sofa. A carefully picked out sectional can fit its designated spot neatly, while providing enough lounging space with the seating section and the chaise. With a sofa and chairs, you might be stumbling on the chairs every now and then when moving around the room.


Before you shop, draw the floorplan of the room. Account for recessed areas and figure out the proportions. Then simply cut out some rectangles and squares and play with different combinations to create different configurations. You’ll be able to figure out how long each side of the sectional should be or whether you should go for a sofa and chairs instead. Don’t forget you will need other pieces of furniture, like coffee and side tables and various accent pieces.

Flexibility and moving around

Some say that a sectional is less flexible than a sofa, especially if you need to move it around. People who like rearranging the furniture often may benefit more from purchasing a sofa, such as a ligne rosset sofa, and (non-)matching chairs than a sectional.

Modern sectional sofas can be made of two or more pieces, which scores the sectional some points over a sofa when it comes to different configurations. With a sofa, you depend on the chairs to create the configuration you want. By contrast, you can ‘’break’’ the sectional apart and get a different configuration every time.

Contemporary sofas and sectionals in San Diego

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