Design "Bucket List" Destinations - Travel Inspiration from Hold It Home
Casa Batllo

Bucket List Design Destinations

We asked our team to describe their top Design Destination from their travel bucket list – somewhere they hope to go and be inspired by the architecture, interior design and art. While traveling to a new place, inspiration is all around. Seeing a new city or country for the first time is one of the most exciting feelings – the newness, unfamiliarity and the true art of discovery, to find more interesting house designs, specially garages, view this.

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Ashley: A Safari Lodge

Serengeti House in Tanzania

My “design” bucket list vacation would be a Safari lodge.  One in particular that stands out is Singita’s Serengeti House in Tanzania.  The beautifully designed accommodations equipped with modern amenities blend seamlessly with its’ surroundings.  The natural materials and soft palette used in the Lodge’s design are inspired by indigenous flora and fauna of the region.  It’s sort of ironic, the thought of being surrounded by comfort while still observing such a wild and untouched region of the world.

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Serengeti House in Tanzania

Dwayne: Japan

japanese minimalist design

I find great inspiration from Japan because of their minimalist design that is also integrated with nature. This idea correlates to the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, loosely defined as the art of finding beauty in imperfection, valuing simplicity, uncluttered, underplayed, and modest surroundings that grow beautiful with age.

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japanese minimalist design

Elizabeth: Istanbul


My design dream destination is Istanbul. I think it is one city that perfectly exemplifies old and new living side by side. The ancient architecture perfectly blended with modern design and technology is so inspiring. I have always wanted to go there to see the Hagia Sofia, and all the shops and restaurants. If (no-when!) I go, I would stay in The House Hotel – because it’s centrally located and has incredibly designed rooms – but also because my favorite firm, Autoban, is based in Istanbul and they designed it!

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Kevin: Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki!! I have always wanted to visit Helsinki, but have yet to have the opportunity. Finland, the home of Marimekko and Iittala, is no doubt at the top of my design bucket list vacation spots for many reasons. Despite receiving the least amount of spotlight in the “Scandinavian Design conversation,” Finnish design has always been known for their innovative influence in contemporary modern design, and today the Finns are still creating their own footprint at the crossroads of design, architecture, and art.

My personal aesthetic is very much influenced by the key elements of Scandinavian design as a whole: functionality, minimalism, and timelessness. But moreover, the values of ecology and natural design elements is what inspires me most by Finnish design. I love how the Finns have genuinely taken inspiration from nature and spun it into their furniture, into their architecture and into a way of life. The very essence of Finnish design is in its ability to take the natural world and seamlessly weave it into everyday life. This is no more apparent than in the Helsinki City Cottage (Verstas Arkkitehdit) – a modern interpretation of the summer huts on the shores of Helsinki. 

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City Cottage, Helsinki


Michelle: Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona would be the first place I would head to if I was running out of ideas or was in need of new inspiration.I knew I was going to find the best hotels here, Barcelona is renown by so many people and is on everyone’s bucket lists. This is my first option for many reasons, the main one being its architecture. Barcelona is the capital of modernism where you can find many monuments designed by one of my favorite architects, Antoni Gaudi. The first place I would head to while in Barcelona would be without a doubt La Sagrada Familia, a Gothic cathedral design by Gaudi, which is still under construction. The second place would be Casa Batllo, after that, La Pedrera, and of course Park Guell. These would be the main buildings I would like to visit for inspiration, but Barcelona itself is an inspiring place. The beauty of Antoni Gaudi buildings is that the closer attention we pay to the buildings the more details and extraordinary particularities appear before our own eyes. 

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Casa Batllo