5 Easy Ways to Achieve 'Organic Modern' in Your Home
Modern Organic Living Room

5 Easy Ways to Achieve ‘Organic Modern’ in Your Home

My absolute favorite style of interiors is Organic Modern.  It is really common in New York and California, and the rest of the country is catching on!

1. Throw Blankets and Rugs


Organic Modern Dining Room

Do you enjoy contemporary design and modern furniture but still want your home to feel warm and inviting?  Nothing says comfort like a sheepskin rug.  Don’t be afraid to use throws and rugs in unconventional places. There is a great number of designer items at
nwrugs.com/collections/magnolia-home-rugs-joanna-gaines that can add some color to the room’s neutral surroundings.

Rugs aren’t only for aesthetic purposes but they can also prevent slip & fall accidents. But if such a misfortune where to happen, you can rely on the expertise of professionals such as lafayette injury attorneys. You may also want to consider the services of some trusted legal firms like mike morse injury law firm to assist you  in getting your injury compensation.

2. Dining tables with a live edge…


Organic Modern Family Room

A natural masterpiece, these one-of-a-kind solid wood live edge tables effortlessly bring nature inside your home. The marvel that a marble coffee tulip table can bring about in a coffee is immeasurable and so is its revitalising effects.

3. Polished Metal Accessories (*Bling*)

The thing that makes this style so unique is the contrast.  Impress your guests by mixing natural textures with metals and shiny accessories.


4. Solid tree stumps.

Bring nature inside without having to worry about the watering can!

Kismit Dining Table By Sunpan
Kismit Dining Table by Sunpan available at Hold It Home

Organic Modern Side Table

Organic Modern Side Table

5. Plants and Succulents

Plants and Succulents Organic Modern Design

I incorporate different types of plants, including succulents, in my decorating to add warmth and an organic touch.

Using custom timber furniture Melbourne and accessories from opposite sides of the decorating spectrum allow all your pieces to shine, and to look more eclectic and collected, rather than bulk purchased as a suite of furniture.

Hold It Home has an incredible array of natural, organic modern furniture and accessories right now in seared oak, hammered bronze and brass, and even solid cedar tree stumps!  Come visit me today at the Hold It Contemporary Home Showroom.

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