6 Essential Geometric Interior Design Trends To Follow 

6 Essential Geometric Trends You Should Be Following…

We love the direction that the geometric design trend is taking.  Not sure where to start?  Don’t worry — a design consultant and a professional roofer who can provide expert roofing replacement, standing seam roofing and other services can help. Professional residential roofers have your back. The Durham roofing professional would like to give you some tips plus a source where you can find out more. You can also read about the Roofing News Today news.

Geometric Patterns were used in architectural and interior design as early as the 1900s by the Greeks and Morrocans. They came back with an even stronger presence during the Art Deco period. This period was very popular in America and Europe in the 1920s and 30s. It was quite the opposite of the Art Nouveau period that preceded, which was minimalist and nature-inspired. Art Nouveau was notorious for intricate and floral designs. In contrast, Art Deco was known for being opulent, functional, and modern. It influenced many aspects of design at the time, from architecture and fashion to interior decorating.

The Art Deco style was all about making a statement in many Bowdon kitchens. Bold, strong geometric patterns helped do this with hard angles and symmetry. Designs reflected the innovations in technology and commitment to self-expression which marked the 1920s and 30s. The generous use of gold, steel, and other expensive materials reflected the wealth that new industries were creating.

1. Geometric Artwork

Free Form Painting
Color Festa II Painting at Hold It Home
Geometric Wallpaper
Oversized Artwork or Wallpaper

Free-form geometric design paintings are making a statement in living rooms around the world.  Ad some artwork first, then accessorize the room accordingly. Remember, nothing personalizes a space quite like artwork. For your boy’s bedroom, you can also opt for these boys wall stickers to give his room a personalized look.
2. Geometric Coffee Table

Mobital Table
Mobital Trestle Table at Hold It Home
Nuevo Jasmine Coffee Table
Nuevo Jasmine Coffee Table
Four Hands Geometric Table Available at Hold It Home
Four Hands Table Available at Hold It Contemporary Home
Geometric Coffee Table By Four hands
Geometric Coffee Table By Four Hands
Geometric Elements
Geometric Coffee Table and Shelves

The glass table tops and airy designs in these coffee tables save space visually and create a focal point in your living room. 
3. Geometric Lighting Fixture

Geometrical Industrial Nuevo Cage Pendant
Nuevo’s Cage pendant at Hold It Home.

The kitchen renovations Edmonton Alberta suggests brightening your living space with a geometric lighting fixture to leave a lasting impression on your guests and create conversation. A lighting fixture helps unify the space and becomes the focal point of your dining room or kitchen.

4. Geometric Side Tables and Dining Tables 

Four Hands Roman Dining Table
Four Hands Roman Dining Table Available at Hold It Contemporary Home
Square Roots Zola Table
Square Roots Nova Console Table Available at Hold It Contemporary Home

This Square Roots Console pictured above might be the missing link to your completed space. The sleek lines are subtle and are the perfect solution if you do not like bulky looking items. Accessorize the line elements in the table with some funky round pieces. Get creative with shapes and colors. Design is meant to be fun and versatile. For the kitchen that you’ve always dreamt of, visit https://kkcentre.co.uk/.
5. Geometric Accessories

Stilt Table Lamp by Blue Dot
Stilt Table Lamp by Blue Dot at Hold It Home


Introducing round circles and shapes with accessories like the one pictured above create a nice contrast in a room full of lines and rectangles. Bright punches of color like this also complete any look.  Don’t be afraid to play with contrasting colors and shapes when doing a kitchen renovation Sarasota.  Remember to have fun!

6. Geometric Chairs

Blue Dot Copper Chairs
Blue Dot Copper Chairs available at Hold It Contemporary Home
Geometric Chair
Geometric Chair by Danish Eva Fly

“Loving the geometric trend right now and how it can be simple like in Mobital’s Trestle table with unexpected obtuse angles, more free form in the Color Festa II painting, and industrial in Nuevo’s Cage pendant.” – Krista Cueller, Professional Design Consultant

Krista Cueller, Design Consultant at Hold It Contemporary Home
Krista Cueller, Design Consultant at Hold It Contemporary Home

Come by our Hold It Contemporary Home Showroom today for expert advice from our design consultants.

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