Light it Up! New Pendant Lighting Available at Hold It Contemporary Home
Astra Pendant Light

Light it Up!

Lighting is a key architectural and design element in many design mediums – from painting to 3D rendering, the light source defines how objects, people and environments appear to the viewer. Interior design is no different. When looking at your home, first find your natural light sources and then find ways to enhance them with skylights.

If you’re looking for a fairly simple and inexpensive way to give your home or office an update, changing out light fixtures can take your space’s style to the next level. For 2017, we have brought in some new silhouettes as well as new finishes. You’ll notice matte black and white, copper and gold throughout this new selection.

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Astra Pendant Light

Astra Pendant Light



Karma pendant light



Mimas Pendant Light




Sergei Pendant LightSergei Pendant Light



Shaya Pendant LightShaya Pendant Light



Sputnik Pendant LightSputnik Pendant Light   Sputnik Pendant Light



Yves Pendant Light Yves Pendant Light