Leftbank Art at Hold It Contemporary Home in San Diego
Leftbank Art - Neon Portrait

Leftbank Art

At Hold It Home, we are concerned with everything that goes into the design process. We care about what you and your family will sit on, what table you will gather at, and what will hang on the walls of your home. We carry a comprehensive line of home accessories, including beautiful artworks by Leftbank Art.

Leftbank Art produces their pieces in a very special way. Their original pieces are developed by a seasoned in-house staff of fine artists. While each item is a “unique” piece of art, they are able to reproduce these images with remarkable consistency. This results in high quality reproductions of originals, allowing the end consumer to have a brilliant piece of art at the fraction of the cost of an original.

With a variety of substrates, such as Canvas Giclee, Lithographs, Plexi, Metallic and Photographic prints, you are sure to find something that suites your taste.

Leftbank Art produces all of their pieces in their Southern California facility and they update their inventory quarterly, bringing the latest trends and fresh works of art year-round.

Scroll down to see some of our favorites or come by the showroom to see for yourself!


Leftbank Art - valparaiso-giclee
Valparaiso giclee print



leftbank art - orange-juice-ii-_giclee
Orange Juice II, Giclee print



leftbank art - skull-and-bones-i
Skull and Bones I, Giclee print



leftbank art - skull-and-bones-ii
Skull and Bones II, Giclee print



leftbank art - skull-and-bones-iii
Skull and Bones III, Giclee print



leftbank art - vivid-puppies-iii
Vivid Puppies III, Giclee print



leftbank art - horse-gicleee
Horse, Giclee Print




Leftbank Art - Catcher-ix-giclee
Catcher IX Giclee



Leftbank Art at Hold It Home
Her I, Her II



Leftbank Art - sweetest-dream-iii-plexi
Sweetest Dream III on Plexi



leftbank art -sign-language-x-plexi
Sign Language X on Plexi



Leftbank Art - neon-portrait
Neon Portrait Giclee



Natural Geodes and Agate behind glass


Leftbank Art - Gold Love Giclee
Gold Love Giclee



Leftbank Art - dimensional-curve-iii
Dimensional Curve III Dimensional Art

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