Meet Elizabeth Tripp - Design Consultant Spotlight at Hold It Home
Elizabeth Tripp

Design Consultant Spotlight: Elizabeth Tripp

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in another country? Or ever daydream about traipsing across Europe? You should talk to Elizabeth Tripp – Design Consultant! Bonus: Elizabeth habla español.

This week we got the scoop from Elizabeth on what makes her “design clock” tick. Read about her travel & local inspiration destinations and how she works with her clients to curate a space that is truly their style, unique and vibrant.

Elizabeth Tripp - Design Consultant

You lived in Mexico for 7 years – how did that experience affect your sense of design/aesthetics?   I worked with a lot of hand-crafted, indigenous products in Mexico from Otomi textiles to the beautiful baked tiles they make, so I really gained an appreciation for craftsmanship and artistry there.

If you could live abroad again, where would you go and why?    I feel very comfortable in Rome – it would be a wonderful place to land for a few years. The architecture and gelato alone could sustain me for a decade!

Where do you go in San Diego to get inspired?     My back patio is surrounded by dozens of flowering bushes and succulents; the colors of nature are always inspiring.

What is the first question you ask your clients when working on a new project?    Describe to me an average weekend in your home. This helps me understand if they entertain a lot, or if they need a cozy room for hanging out with family; if they have pets that are super important to them and need consideration, or if they live a glamorous lifestyle that needs to look magazine-worthy! 

What is your favorite brand that we carry and why?   I love so many of them, but I think Camerich is the brand that encapsulates a total look that works for so many people – they have transitional sectionals that work in a more traditional home or a contemporary space, and are comfortable to boot! They have beautiful tables, beds, and case goods, as well. They are an “easy to live with” lifestyle brand.

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