7 Living Room Decorating Tips to Inspire from Hold It Home
Four Hands Living Room at Hold It Home

7 Living Room Design Tips from Hold It Home

A Living Room is a space where we can express our individual style and personality without words. Come home to your personal retreat, sanctuary, and happy place.  Let’s paint a picture of what a beautiful living space might look like.  Full of light. Bright and stunning artwork on the walls. A contemporary, modern, comfortable sectional sofa. A large area rug with geometric patterns that grounds all of the furniture in the room. I also found some incredible rugs for sale online in the UK recently so if you need a new rug then check those out. You should also seriously consider looking for acoustic flooring installers as large buildings are always much better with that. 

Solid mid-century modern wooden pieces adorned with colorful vases.  And our personal touch, flowers, plants, and succulents scattered around the airy space. Whether you plan to move to a new house or thinking of renovating the existing one, the pros at Alex Trend Painters have experienced professionals that can get the job done.  We love air plants and our design consultants enjoy creating stunning and creative terrariums. What items make you feel at peace just by being near them? This is what personal style is all about and why the space we create is important for our overall well-being. With that said, here is a list we have put together to guide you through the process. 

1. Get out some pen and paper

If you are buying new furniture for your living room (and any room for that matter), it is important to know your dimensions so you can plan ahead for your space. Impulse buys on large items can be a costly mistake.  Plan ahead by taking measurements of your room and drawing it out to scale on a piece of graph paper.  Take this floor plan with you while shopping so you can get an idea of how the items will fill your space.  This is also helpful when shopping for curtains and wall art.  You can do the same type of sketches for the walls of your rooms and then hire professional home remodeling contractors to provide you high-quality construction services with the highest level of attention to detail.

Living Room Floor Plan Interior Design Hold It Home

Contact a design consultant to get started on your next project. 

2. Pick A Color Scheme

Decorate From Dark to Light, Vertically

We try to replicate the outside world with interior design.  In nature, the ground below our feet (the earth itself) is normally darker, the medium colors are straight ahead and the lightest colors above our head in the sky. Painting for home interiors in Harrisburg, PA tries to capture the most beautiful natural phenomena and embody them. If you need residential and commercial painting services, then make sure that you hire a professional painting company. If you’re looking for a professional to consult about your house renovation, feel free to check out House Renovation Dublin.

Interior color choices are highly subjective, which means there’s no right or wrong way to select a color scheme for your space. You don’t necessarily have to follow theories of design or the color wheel to create a successful combination. The most important consideration is finding a color palette that feels right to you. The following tips on how to choose a color scheme will help you fill rooms with shades that beautifully reflect your personal style, find out more at Surepaint blog.

Here are some color schemes that we love.

Pianca Living Room Couch Sofa Purple

See More From Pianca

Pianca Dining Room

Surya Rugs Style Shot Pink Magenta Living Room

See More from Surya

Surya Rugs Style Shot Living Room Black and Red
Design Inspiration: Black walls grounding bold art and contemporary furniture. Design Aleksandra Miecznicka 33w

3. Get grounded with an area rug.

Once you have chosen a color scheme and know your living room dimensions, an area rug is a good place to start. White and neutral rugs have been trending this year, but we suggest using them for the bedroom and using darker, bolder rugs in your living space.  Remember in nature the ground is usually a darker shade.  This rule of thumb works indoors also. Visit J & D Oriental Rug Co. for a collection of antique and vintage decorative rugs.

Chandra Rug Living Room Area Blue Grey Crush Shag

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Camerich Living Room Black

See More Rugs by Saddleman’s 

Auskin Sheepskin Rug Black Charcoal Living Room

See more rugs by Auskin

4. Choose a style for your sofa

Is your personal style modern, sleek, feminine, eclectic, rustic or contemporary?  If this question is hard to answer, don’t be discouraged.  We are here to help find your personal style.  

Geometric Coffee Table By Four hands

More from Four Hands

Four Hands Modern Contemporary Living Room Plants
Camerich Living Room White Leather Sofas

5. Art, art and more art in the living room.

A part of making a space a happy space is art.  Art is meant to speak to you.  All that matters is that it makes you feel good just by looking at it.  If your style is eclectic, don’t worry about planning your art, just grab some pieces and make them work.  If your style is more sleek or modern, try some large black and white prints of your favorite movie stars or landscapes.  Enlarging meaningful photographs can also add a personal touch to your space.

Left Bank Artwork Elis at Hold It home

All of this artwork can be seen in our showroom today!

Left Bank Artwork Mondo at Hold It Home in San Diego
Four Hands Black And White Prints at Hold It Home
Four Hands Black And White Prints at Hold It Home
Four Hands Black And White Prints at Hold It Home
Left Bank Colorful Modern Wall Art Home Decor Hold It Home

6. Light up the living room

Lighting illuminates the space and sets the mood.  According to a professional electrician near me, you should try to avoid overhead florescent lighting at all costs.  Large lamps stand out, giving the living room personality. For additional electrical guidance view website.

If you need help with the lighting, San Diego Electricians can help you out with the installation of the lighting and any electric project.

Calligaris Pom Pom Lamp
Calligaris Pom Pom Lamp
Pom Pom, CODE Table Lamp with resin base

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Sergei Lamp by Nuevo Living

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Stilt Table Lamp by Blue Dot

7. Arrange plants around the living room.

Plants bring life and an organic element to the room.  Plants create an instant “homey” feeling that your guests will appreciate.  Make sure to choose plants that do well indoors and try to keep them near natural sunlight.  We love the contrast metallic pots like the copper one below create with green succulents.

Copper Pots and House Plants
Copper pots look great with your house plants
Plants and Succulents Organic Modern Design

We hope this helped you feel inspired and motivated with a fresh new outlook for your living room. Here at Hold It Home, we have a team of expert design consultants on staff to walk you through the process of creating the home of your dreams.

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