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Imperfect Shelves

Favo-Shef-System-by-Imperfettolab-5Even the name of the studio that created this modern shelf system – Imperfettolab – represents the unique imperfections and natural subjectivity without which artistic shapes would be powerless. In the studio’s workshop in Gambettola, Italy, modern objects and furniture take shape under the attentive supervision of Verter Turroni and Emanuela Ravelli. They design and manufacture furniture like the Favo Shelf System based on organic shapes turned into molds, then sanded painted and hand-finished to a perfect polish in concordance with the design.

Their collection of design objects and furniture is inspired by the imperfections of the raw materials and “wants to express a synthesis between natural and artificial elements becoming familiar, domestic.” These modern shelf systems from Imperfettolab leave you the options of playing around with organic shapes and integrate them perfectly into your home’s landscape.  Skillful craftsmanship can be seen in the hand-polished finishes. Made out of modular wall elements, the system can be arranged in a myriad of positions, clustered together, following the line of the ceiling of scattered around. Place them in a seemingly casual pattern to give the space a contemporary fresh look.

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Source: Freshome

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