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Camerich Quickship

If you haven’t yet discovered Camerich, allow us to introduce you! With their clean lines, comfort, and sophisticated finishes, Camerich is consistently one of our go-to brands. We are happy to share the new Camerich Quickship catalog for the 2018/2019 season. With lead times as little as just four weeks, there are plenty of options to create a curated, unique space with Camerich product.

Click below to peruse the Quickship catalog, and scroll down to learn more about this game-changing brand.

Camerich Quickship Catalog



Camerich was founded by Mr. Fu Hai Jun in 1997, where his focus has been to design real products for real people – genuine care and purpose goes into the design process before any piece is created. Since the company began, the company focus has been to create nothing short of perfection, which has pushed Camerich to be one of the leaders in the industry and see as much success as they have today.

Active in more than 60 countries and regions, Camerich has built a global network and quickly climbed to great heights of success.  Despite this success, the Camerich mission has not unwaved in their steadfast commitment to produce quality products with genuine devotion.  The business motto is “We don’t design for the sake of designing, we design to create real products for real people”.

Contact us or visit us for more information about Camerich. Our Design Consultants are available to guide you through the design process and can give you even more information and options available from Camerich with longer lead times.