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Voting for Orchids & Onions now open

Vote for the 2017 Orchids & Onions

Orchids & Onions 2017

It is that time of the year where we get the unique opportunity to call out our favorite and least favorite architecture, interior design, landscapes, architecture and historic preservation projects in San Diego from the past year. The Orchids & Onions nomination board is officially open!

One of our favorite events of the year, the annual Orchids & Onions Awards takes place every fall. The purpose of the event is to acknowledge the good and the bad of local design, educate the public and promote outstanding architecture, planning, and urban design throughout San Diego.

Members of our community are encouraged to nominate both their favorites and least favorites in local projects. Later, a jury of design professionals, architects and artists are chosen to vote on the ‘official’ Orchids & Onions based on all nominations. The program culminates in an exciting evening of design, where the nominees for Orchids are presented, promoting awareness and practical discourse about the state of our region.

The public nominations and feedback about the nominations published on the Orchids & Onions website are integral to planning, growth and future development of our city. The success of the program relies heavily on the citizens of San Diego, and we encourage you to get involved! Think of your favorite new buildings, parks, or public spaces that you have noticed over the last year and give them a nomination. Or, alternatively, nominate an “Onion” – a space that you think San Diego would be better off without!

Click here to nominate your Orchids & Onions for 2017