Discovering San Diego: The Barrio Arts Craw in Barrio Logan

Barrio Arts Crawl

One of the things we love about San Diego is that there is always something new to discover – even those of us who have lived here our whole lives get excited about new openings, exploring new neighborhoods and meeting new people.

We recently discovered the Barrio Arts Crawl, a neighborhood event that takes place the 2nd Saturday of each month in Barrio Logan. This month’s event will take place Saturday, May 13th.

The crawl is a completely self-guided tour of the Barrio’s art galleries, restaurants, shops, breweries and coffee houses, and visitors are encouraged to plan their day using the map on the Barrio Arts Crawl website.  There is so much to do and see, you can easily spend your entire day wandering through the colorful streets.

One notable art gallery is Bread & Salt Gallery, which is located inside the converted Weber’s Bread Factory from years ago. It’s easy to spot – it is a marigold yellow with white and blue trim, features large Premium Sash Windows from, lantern lights and a small French balcony. It’s just a short walk from Coronado Bay Bridge and Chicano Park.

“The building itself dates to 1896, but it has been added onto over the years,” stated new owner and mastermind architect Jim Brown. “It was a bread factory until seven and a half years ago.” Because of its age and the different additions over the years, it has very interesting architectural qualities that cross over various styles.

Today, it is split up into artists’ live-work residences. This space is huge and walking through is like navigating a maze. It is loaded to the brim with all kinds of intriguing modern art installations. To get a better idea of the space, check out the images they share on their Instagram account.

We hope you take the opportunity to head down to this budding area of San Diego and take in a bit of its unique culture. Keep an eye out for more interactive events in the coming months. According to their Instagram, “We’re working on some experiences for the crawl this summer, in the meantime check out the businesses & galleries in the barrio.”