The Global Views collection blends pieces that are elegant, exotic, refined and casual while maintaining the highest level of quality. Global Views’ uniquely designed fashion-driven accessories, lighting, wall decor and furnishings will accommodate a wide array of design sensibilities and work with any style of decor. Today, Global Views offers over 2500 items made by skilled artisans from all corners of the globe. STUDIO A by Global Views was founded in 2005 with a mission to provide unique, hand-crafted, high-design items from around the world into the marketplace. STUDIO A’s unique mix of organic, design-driven accessories, furniture, found objects and textiles, is rich in texture and elemental in composition. Cutting-edge design, unexpected materials and handcrafted finishes form the foundation of STUDIO A’s product mix. The eclectic blend of textures, classic silhouettes and timeless design will transform any interior. STUDIO A is a partner company and harmonious complement to industry leader, Global Views.