For over 70 years, Fjords has been a leading Norwegian furniture manufacturer. With modern Norwegian design, inspired by ancient traditions and Norwegian nature and history, they aim to create trends for the future. Brothers Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde started it all in the fjord village Sykkylven in Norway in 1941. Shortly after, their other brother Ingvar joined them. With a fierce dedication and great skill, the brothers managed to build a business that has become one of the largest furniture companies in Norway. They have grown from a small family business to what they are today: a company spread over four continents producing comfortable, quality furniture based on good craftsmanship and Norwegian design.

Fjords’ main philosophy is to find the combination of tradition and innovation; the point where yesterday’s knowledge meets modern technology. Just like the ocean, they move and evolve, yet like the mountains, they have their roots in the past.