With beautiful designs and high-quality durable materials, Divano Lounge creates designs that enable you to create the outdoor living space of your dreams. Divano Lounge believes that our surroundings should express our unique personalities, and generate a balance between us and our environment.

Divano Lounge’s outdoor furniture is upholstered with fabric or leather that is suitable for outdoor usage throuhout the whole year. This furniture is not designed to be waterproof, but it lets water flow through as quickly as possible. By using breathable materials, the design ensure a constant air circulation inside the furniture. This makes it possible that after a heavy rain, the furniture can dry completely after just 30 minutes.

Divano Lounge is a specialized producer / brand in fully upholstered outdoor furniture. Comfort and beauty are the core of their product range, and are present throughout in every part of their design and manufacturing process.