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Inovate. Organize. Inspire.

Smartly combining modern engineering with innovative design, BDI office furniture creates workspaces that are equal parts organization and inspiration.

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Save on ALL BDI office furniture, Semblance modular systems, shelving and Bink mobile media tables.

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Create the perfect work space. BDI office furniture offers a balanced combination of practical features and beautiful finishes. Many BDI desks can also be expanded using complementary pieces from their broader collections.

BDI Office Furniture Sale

Lift Standing Desks

The standing, sitting, and everything-in-between desk. These electronically-powered, height-adjustable desks can take an entire workstation from sitting, to standing, and back again, with the touch of a button.
BDI Lift Desk - Kronos

Modular Systems

Create office space in any environment. Combine inline and peninsula desk components with adjustable shelves, cabinets, or other BDI collections to create a compact home office or expanded professional workspace.
Semblance Modular Office by BDI


A new way to file. In addition to file storage, these cabinets offer features like built-in supply drawers, extending printer trays, and a durable glass top that doubles as an extra desk surface.
Format Office storage by BDI


Organized doesn’t have to mean out of sight. Use a single leaning shelf as a stand-alone solution, or combine multiples to create a striking wall-length system.


Always by your side, Bink is the perfect companion. Whether you’re on the computer at the sofa, lounging poolside, or simply snacking in front of the TV, this convenient table goes anywhere.
BDI Bink

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