August 02, 2014

Trending: Rose Gold

Rose GoldHold It Staff took the reins at Las Vegas Market, hunting for trends and searching out the latest and greatest from all of our vendors, to bring them home to San Diego. There were glimpses of rose gold to be spotted from floor to floor alongside plush upholstery and cutting edge designs. Rose gold can be found where chrome and polished brass once took center stage in furniture, lamps and hardware. Do not be afraid to combine rose gold with your current chrome or satin nickel finishes. Mixing metals is a very layered, sophisticated approach to design. The metal will add a chic, modern touch to any space and will be your favorite new statement piece in 2014.

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August 01, 2014


FairingsFairings are specialized coverings that surround an existing prosthetic leg, accurately recreating the body form through a process that uses three-dimensional scanning to capture the unique leg shape. But Fairings not only return the lost contour, they invite an expression of personality and individuality that has never before been possible.

Fairings 3

But to make this an even more personal part of the prosthetic leg, Fairings can be enhanced with patterns, graphics, and materials—including leather, ballistic nylon fabric, chrome plating, and even tattoos. By creating a unique custom form that presents the individual, Bespoke Innovations hopes to change the way the world thinks of prostheses.

Fairings 2

Donate Your Leg! (Well, sort of…)Think of this simple act as the easiest way you can impact someone’s life. We often work with bilateral amputees, who have no original reference leg to use as an anatomical template. In these cases, we ask for volunteers to be scanned so we may use their limb as a reference for our patient. The process is quick and easy — show up at our San Francisco studio in shorts (or bring them), and we scan your leg in minutes. Your leg shape will then be “given” to someone in need. We are not currently seeking donors but will post requests for specific “anatomy donors” as appropriate.


Submitted by Dwayne

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July 27, 2014

Tribeca Loft

Tribeca1Recently discovered, two duplex penthouses located in the historic Duane Street in prime TriBeCa,New York were listed for sale together (although they can also be sold separately). But, the owners combined these two homes into “the ultimate 4550 square feet trophy residence”. In between the two penthouses there are over 2300 square feet of landscaped private roof terrace with a hot tub, barbecue, built-in wet bar, and fireplace. The project boasts a total of 12 rooms, with 4 bedrooms and 3 ½ bathrooms.


A variety of materials and textures makes this unconventional crib homey and appealing. Gorgeous cast iron pillars and floor to ceiling arched windows with brick walls in the living room offer great natural light and an overall powerful character. Other features include beautiful glass French Doors leading to North and South terraces, contemporary high end furnishings, custom backlit millwork built around the fireplace and surround sound speakers. The cost for the two penthouses combined is $9,950,000.

Submitted by Dwayne

Source: Freshome

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July 26, 2014

Indigo Grill Gets a Top-to-Bottom Remodel!


It’s a whole new world at Indigo Grill. After a dozen years in Little Italy, the Cohn Restaurant Group just completed a thorough retooling of the eatery, which soft opened this past weekend on India Street.

The changes in the landmark restaurant’s look first appear in the new entryway that was inspired by the sights and colors of South America, a country that’s intimately familiar to the world traveling Philippe Beltran, who designed the Ocean Beach and La Mesa BO-beau restaurants for the group and is behind the fresh visuals here.


In the modernized blue-tinted bar with communal tables, there’s a new beverage program with 24 beer taps, wine and a cocktail program. There are new seating nooks, including a sleek “white room” and a sunken cove, that connect the bar to the main dining area, which faces the open kitchen and is supposed to recall a Mexican hacienda. Outside, an expanded patio features an open corner with a fire pit that leads into an industrial, glass-fronted eating space along Cedar.

With an updated menu to match, Indigo Grill is on our “must-see” list again!


Submitted by Caity

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July 25, 2014

Impossible Light

holdit_film_poster_blogsizeHold It Contemporary Home has been proud to present the San Diego Design Film Series line-up. Our series has featured documentary films centering around art, architecture, and design. Coming soon is the next feature in our series, Jeremy Ambers’ Impossible Light.

“The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge opened in 1936 and was almost immediately overshadowed by the Golden Gate Bridge, which opened less than a year later. A dull workhorse next to a glamorous star, it seemed the Bay Bridge would never outshine its sister to the north. That all changed on the evening of March 5, 2013, when the Bay Bridge—thanks to 25,000 LED lights—did just that: shined.”

This feature-length documentary follows the story of The Bay Bridge from the drawing board to the boardroom, revealing the trials and triumphs faced by the team.

Join us for the story of “impossibility made possible” on Tuesday, August 5th at The Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego. The film will begin at 7pm. Tickets are available from

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July 24, 2014

A Quirky Law Office

A Quirky Law Office 2Just because you’re a law firm does not mean that your headquarters has to be stuffy and boring, and so serious. A leading example of this is Axiom Law. The NYC-based law firm throws out every idea you had about law firms and prides itself on thinking outside the box with a non-traditional way of doing business. To complement that, they needed an office space that reflected their ideals, so they hired BHDM Design to make it happen. Located in the historic Puck Building, the space was a huge empty white loft that became the colorful, modern setting you see here.

A Quirky Law Office1BHDM, took a look at Axiom and their energetic style and came up with a plan that conveys a fun space full of quirky and whimsical details that will make you okay with working overtime. Spaces that feel like living rooms are set up for unconventional meetings and gathering places for employees and clients. Pops of energetic orange are used throughout tying each of the separate zones together and providing spiciness in the mostly white space. An in-house cafe-style kitchen offers a comfortable space for employees to eat their lunches. Be inventive on your next project!

Submitted by Crystal

Source: Design-Milk

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July 23, 2014

Las Fallas Festival

valencia1  Every year the city of Valencia, Spain celebrates the ancient “Las Fallas” fiesta, a noisy week that is full of fireworks and processions in honor of Saint Joseph which climaxes in the burning of large paper mache figures displayed around the streets of the city.

Las Fallas is celebrated to commemorate St. Joseph’s Day,valencia2 the Patron Saint of Carpenters. Las Fallas literally means “the fires” in Valencian. The focus of the fiesta is the creation and destruction of ninots (“puppets” or “dolls”), which are huge cardboard, wood, paper-machè and plaster statues. The ninots are extremely lifelike and usually depict bawdy, satirical scenes and current events.

A popular theme is poking fun at corrupt politicians and Spanish celebrities. The labor intensive ninots, often costing up to valencia3US$75,000, are crafted by neighborhood organizations and take almost the entire year to construct. Many ninots are several stories tall and need to be moved into their final location of over 350 key intersections and parks around the city with the aid of cranes on the day of la plantà (the rising).

The ninots remain in place until March 19th, the day known as La Cremá (the burning). Starting in the early evening, young men with axes chop cleverly-hidden holes in the statues and stuff them with fireworks. The crowds start to chant, the streetlights are turned off, and all of the ninots are set on fire at exactly 12:00am midnight. Over the years, the local bomberos (firemen) have devised unique ways to protect the town’s buildings from being accidentally set on fire by the ninots: such as neatly covering storefronts with fireproof tarps. Each year, one of the ninots is spared from destruction by popular vote. This ninot is called the ninot indultat (the pardoned puppet) and is exhibited in the local museum of the ninot along with the other favorites from years past.


Submitted by Ximena


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July 18, 2014

Powered by Candelight

peltyCrowdsourcing has liberated inventors, designers, and engineers to think beyond commercial norms…occasionally way outside of the creative box and into the realm of unique “what if?” ideas. Designer and engineer Gianluca Gamba’s Bluetooth speaker definitely falls under the category of left-field design, an audio piece which combines the features of a Bluetooth wireless speaker with the elegance of a tabletop tea light. But the real magic isn’t “what” this speaker does, but “how” it does it.

Believe it or not, a candlelight flame is the Pelty speaker’s intended power source. Utilizing a thermoelectric phenomenon discovered by French physicist Jean-Charles-Athanase Peltier, the “Peltier effect” allows the creation of thermoelectric voltage formed between the junction of two different types of materials; the temperature difference results in an electron flow resulting in just enough electricity to power a small speaker.


Although considered a mediocre source of power, the design has been refined by Gamba to continuously produce an electric current sufficient to power the Pelty’s 12 watt amplifier and a small 3″ speaker from a single tealight flame. Supposedly the result is audio volumes “comparable to any other Bluetooth speaker”. Bluetooth connectivity allows the Pelty’s volume to be controlled by any modern smartphone or tablet, conceived as an ideal accessory for romantic entertaining, whether indoors or outdoors, and an embodiment of Gamba’s goal of creating a product encompassing “technology, design and poetry” with an Italian’s spirit.

Complementing the Pelty’s unusual power source is an elegant choice in material and colors. No plastics here: handmade Italian ceramic and glass, available in eight color finishes, alongside the option to personalize the individually handmade flame-powered device with a name or sentence. Ceramic is an ideal choice for both its acoustic properties and for use with high temperatures.


Submitted by Ximena

Source: Design-Milk

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July 17, 2014

Zimmer Head Office by Gray Puksand

Zimmer Blast

Architect and interior design studio Gray Puksand have completed the Australian head office for Zimmer.

The office comprises two work floors and one warehouse/logistics level which houses several departments and staff facilities.

Relocating from an existing workspace the client had occupied for over 10 years provided an opportunity for dramatic change and growth within the company. The client’s goal was to create a workspace that encouraged and enabled cross-pollination of departments and communication within teams.

Dotted through the workstation and office zones are various meeting and collaborative spaces, especially designed to cater for each department’s specific requirements. Each of the work floors enclose a central breakout area that reflects a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere and enhances the individual’s connection to the dense forestry visible through the perimeter glazing.


Through the implementation of a central internal staircase, the two work floors are linked to ensure connections between departments are created and communication throughout the company is increased.

The curved junctions and undulating forms throughout the space are homage to the products that Zimmer create; sculptural and almost futuristic forms which are displayed as artwork throughout the front of house spaces, the clinical finishes balanced with detailed lighting.

Zimmer2 Zimmer3




Source: Contemporist


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July 16, 2014

The Versatile Collection

VersatileWhen you think of ceramic tiles, the first things that spring to mind are those small, flat, square tiles that people so often use to decorate their homes. However, Turkish designer Yiğit Özer has come up with a new collection that completely turns the idea of ceramic tiles on its head. The Versatile collection is produced by Turkish manufacturer Kütahya Seramik and is comprised of two different models – Arc and Axis.


The multi-purpose collection offers tens of different tiling options using the very same tile to create a variety of stunning designs and enables the user to express themselves more freely through the geometry that the tiles create. The tiles have unique 3D properties due to the raised surface of the tile in an arc shape, which allows for a playful interaction with light and creates an unusual sense of depth within a room.

Versatile3The Versatile collection takes traditional tile design into a new, third dimension, where the tile is no longer just a flat surface that covers or protects a wall. Bringing functionality together with innovation and creativity, Kütahya Seramik has created a tile collection that offers unique and innovative solutions for architectural projects. Through the 3D property of the tiles, high level of functionality, various design options, and the ease of application, Versatile can be used in interior spaces of all sizes such as office buildings, lobbies, halls, bedrooms and hotels.


Submitted by Dwayne

Source: Freshome

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