June 24, 2015

Candy Shop

Candy ShopVisiting IKEA just got a little sweeter. The Swedish retailer just announced that they’re opening an in-store candy shop in each US location, inspired by a sugary tradition.

The LÖRDAGSGODIS Pick and Mix Sweets is based on the Scandinavian tradition of the same name; meaning “Saturday candy,” it’s a ritual where parents would take children to the local shop to pick out a bag of treats.

Featuring 45 varieties of Swedish gummies, licorice, chocolate, marshmallows and more, LÖRDAGSGODIS is currently open in several stores, and will continue to roll out across the country this summer.

Submitted by: Crystal

Source: Apartment Therapy

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June 23, 2015

The Timmelsjoch Pass Experience Museum

Timmelsjoch2Timmelsjoch is a high mountain pass on Ötztal Alps along the border between Austria and Italy.

The pass connects the Ötztal valley in the Austrian state of Tyrol to the Passeier Valley in the Italian province of South Tyrol, as it bridges the saddle point between the Jochköpfl and Wurmkogl peaks to its northeast and southwest, respectively.

Since 2010, several architectural sculptures were erected along the pass that enlightens travelers about the natural surroundings, the history, the culture, the communities and the economy of the region.

One of these sculptures – the Timmelsjoch Pass Experience Museum, designed by Werner Tscholl Architects, is located on the highest point of the Timmelscjoch pass.

The concrete structure has its foundation on an erratic boulder on the North Tyrolean side but protrudes 16 meters into South Tyrol, hanging over the air like a cantilever. Timmelsjoch1The shape and the discreet coloring of the museum integrate the building in its natural surroundings. The inside resembles an ice cave, with historical photos behind glass at the walls that showcase the history of this road across the high Alps.

Timmelsjoch pass is little-used by vehicular traffic because there is much easier and lower Brenner Pass some 25 km to its east, and Reschen Pass some 60 km to its west. The pass is, however, popular with car and motorbike tourists. With its dramatic scenery, particularly on the southern side, the road has also become popular with cyclists. The pass road is open to traffic from approximately the first half of June to the second half of October. Due to its elevation, steepness, and narrow road, the pass is closed to vehicles with trailers.

Submitted by: Ximena

Source: Amusing Planet

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June 22, 2015

See The Light


The Uma Sound Lantern is a new introduction from Pablo Designs that we are so enthused about here at Hold It Home. The lantern combines an intuitive interface, LED illumination and high-end audio into a singular elemental form. With summer just beginning, its ideal for enjoying light and music at social gatherings and outdoor adventures.

Pablo Designs had their strongest showing ever at ICFF in New York this past May. They introduced six new products, and in true Pablo form, their creativity and ingenuity has not left us disappointed. With new designs in floor lamps, table lamps, wall mounted and pendant fixtures, we get to see a little bit of everything. Watch out for these new pieces arriving at Hold It Contemporary Home this Summer and Fall. Circa XL, Contour, Lana, Swell brass, Uma Sound Lantern, Vella.


Written by: Caity Hall


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June 21, 2015

“Marmoreal, Bathroom, Furniture” by Max Lamb at Design Miami/Basel

Max-Lamb_Dzek_Miami-Basel_dezeen_784_1At Design Miami/Basel 2015, British designer Max Lamb challenged the mass standardization of sanitary ware. His exhibition ‘Marmoreal, Bathroom, Furniture’ incites reflection on bathroom rituals and what is truly essential in a bathroom. Working in collaboration with design studio, Dzek, Lamb has created a bathroom with a black version of their Marmoreal material, which is patterned with colorful speckles. A toilet, bath, sink and several storage units are all formed from flat slabs of the artificial stone – a composite pre-cast material similar to terrazzo, which is made from marble aggregate combined with a polyester binder.

Max-Lamb_Dzek_Miami-Basel_dezeen_468_11The ‘Marmoreal’ collection aims to extend the bathing experience, while simultaneously opposing the idea that the bathroom should consume a great deal of space. Informed by his travels throughout Asia, Lamb adopted some of this eastern bathing philosophy in the design, for example, the Marmoreal bath, with its steep vertical sides, recalls the traditional Japanese ofuro, or soaking tub.

Lamb began his examination of sanitary ware by investigating the roots of personal maintenance habits, particularly whether they’ve been driven by mass standardization, or if the standardization was born of human necessity. His own daily bathing routine became a primary reference point in the creation of the collection, with a hope to eliminate the non-essential objects part of a standardized modern bathroom. With the Marmoreal material as the main material used, each of his bathroom furnishings become innately different from the familiar standards made out of ceramic, steel, and plastic.

max-lamb_MarmorealBathMini_designboom_010Overall, the interpretation of the bathroom collection works alongside the other marmoreal furnishings that are typical of the designer’s work. The pieces are efficient, functional and designed to serve equally well in a fully integrated marmoreal space as well as mixed in with standard bathroom furnishings. All bathroom fittings for ‘Marmoreal, Bathroom, Furniture’ have been provided by water fittings manufacturer Barber Wilsons & Co.

Submitted by: Sylvia

Sources: Designboom, Dezeen

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June 20, 2015

San Diego’s 2015 Summer Movies in the Park Series Begins


Summer Movies in the Park are the perfect chance to relax and enjoy a safe and special night under the stars. Come early and get a good seat! The Summer Movies in the Park event series began in 2007 as a ‘take back our parks’ initiative, giving local residents a reason to visit their local county and city parks for a free and safe evening event.

Upcoming movies:  http://0352d49.netsolhost.com/events/list/

Submitted by: Alison

Source: http://www.summermoviesinthepark.com/


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June 19, 2015

New Craze: Shaving Dog Into Cube.

pup3Dog lovers in Japan have taken grooming to a whole new level of strange by styling their dogs into perfectly trimmed and symmetrical cubes.

pup2Japan, a country known for their love of turning everyday items and things into block form (see the ‘square watermelon’ for proof), are so taken by the craze that it’s proved a big hit at this Tokyo dog show.

We highly doubt the cubed pooches trend will take off elsewhere – but we love it all the same.

Submitted by: Elizabeth

Source: MTV


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June 18, 2015

The BIG Reveal of 2 World Trade

DawyneBIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) has revealed their latest project: the new design for 2 world trade center, which will be located on a 16-acre World Trade Center Site, overlooking the World Trade Memorial Plaza. This comes as confirmation that the skyscraper’s original architecture firm, Foster + Partners, has been removed from the project. The CEO of 21st Century Fox, James Murdoch, and Ingels wanted to break away from the connotations and rigidity of a standard tower structure.  Instead, the practice created a soaring, stepped skyscraper. As the structure’s height increases, the seven distinct volumes, based off of architectural forms in the surrounding Tribeca area, reduce in size but expand in width as they stack on top of one another.

The 80-story skyscraper will house the headquarters of 21st Century Fox and News Corp, with the upper half being leased to other commercial office tenants. 2-World-Trade-Centre_BIG_New-York_dezeen_784_15The varying sizes and depths of the structure’s steppes allow for a building that is shaped and tailored around the activities and functions of its tenants as well as its urban context. The largest area of the skyscraper is located at the base of the building, along with a large public plaza that will drive the surrounding busy activity. The TV studios will be based here, as well as the main lobby which will connect to the WTC transit intersection and the retail space spread over multiple levels.  The skyscraper will be oriented so that it will rise facing towards St. Paul’s chapel and frame views of  9/11 memorial park. 2-World-Trade-Centre_BIG_New-York_dezeen_784_16The rooftop of each block will form an outdoor terrace complemented with landscaped greenery and sweeping views of cityscape. The 2.8 million-square-foot building will appear tall and slender while looking up from the World Trade Center Memorial Plaza, but from a distance, its stepped form will be more apparent. The firm described the building’s design as a “new hybrid” that merges the Modernist skyscraper with a contemporary interpretation of historic building setbacks.

This project comes as part of the final stages of the revitalization of lower Manhattan. Once completed, 2WTC will be a respectful nod to its delicate context but at the same time, form its own identity within the city’s dynamic skyline. “The completion of the World Trade Center will finally restore the majestic skyline of Manhattan and unite the streetscapes of Tribeca with the towers downtown,” Dwayne2said Ingels in a video explaining the project. This will create a visual link between the old and new districts where “the heritage city blocks of Tribeca meet the vertical towers of the World Trade Center,” Ingels added. “From Tribeca, it will appear like a vertical village of singular buildings each tailored to their individual activities stacked on top of each other, forming parks and plazas in the sky.”


This is the latest in a series of projects made up of stacked cuboid volumes – a form also adopted by SANAA’s New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, which was completed in 2007.

The skyscraper will join two completed towers – One World Trade Center by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, and Four World Trade Center by Fumihiko Maki – along with the under-construction Three World Trade Center, designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. All three are linear towers sheathed in glass.

Submitted by: Dwayne

Source: DesignBoom, DeZeen

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June 16, 2015

Go Big

Go BigDesigners Tip: Nothing personalizes a space quite like artwork. Depending on your taste and color preferences, you can customize and complete the look of your interior just by hanging artwork. So why don’t you go big!? Take a leap and try a piece of oversized art and see the difference it makes in your space. There is nothing more contemporary than keeping it simple and adding one oversized, color saturated canvas to a white wall. Or you can experiment with a monochromatic space by adding texture with a black and white abstract piece.

Submitted by: Crystal

Source: Designmilk

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June 15, 2015

Surreal Minimalism

Jamie1Florence-based artist Michele Durazzi has brought together a series of surreal cityscapes, designed to highlight the continual and sometimes unorthodox engagement between nature and building. Jamie4Conceived as ‘Storytelling through the architectural detail’, Durazzi’s work exists at the junction of fiction and fantasy, where impossible structures exist alongside familiar landscapes and scenes.

The artist’s digital ‘trip within surreal minimalism’ sees the image’s genuineness explored through a human occupation that also determines the scale and vastness of the particular scenario. JamieConsequently, the viewer is required to bridge gaps in cognitive thought, as if to compensate for a premeditated area of partial blindness.

michele-durazzi-surreal-cityscapes-juxtapose-nature-architecture-designboom-06To see more of Michele Durazzi’s enormous body work, visit her website, d-ARKroom. Her cityscape series falls under the category of work titled rendering. According to Durazzi, “These images are the result of three-dimensional graphics processing from software to dedicated rendering and post production.
They are mainly works of architecture, divided into exterior, interior, close-up views of details”. In addition, she features illustrated works, video, and straight photography. If you’re craving more of Durazzi’s surreal style, check out this absolutely incredible animated video.

Submitted by: Jamie

Source: Designboom, HighSnobiety

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June 14, 2015

The Bertoia Loom Chair

chair1 chair2 Created by French designer Clement Brazille, the Bertoia Loom Chair is a reinterpretation of some of the iconic works of Italian-born American designer Harry Bertoia.They are completely unique pieces based off of a model usually found at Knoll in 1955. Brazille explains, “Like a loom, [I] dress each chair with noble fabric making them unique and customizable pieces. Weaving also quickly shows its benefits. Once weaved the chairs become very comfortable and invite us to sit.” The chairs come in corduroy, linen, cashmere wool, and cotton. This chair is perfectly suited for any workspace,  or simply for reading and relaxation.

Submitted by: Sylvia

Source: Mocoloco


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