April 09, 2014

Cocoon Suites

CocoonCombining golden sand beaches, rocky hills and desert-resembling landscapes, Greece’s Mykonos Island is a heavenly place to visit during the summer. Part of the exquisite Hotel Andronikos located just 10 minutes’ walk from Mykonos town, the Cocoon Suites display an exemplary contemporary interpretation of unique vernacular Cycladic architecture seen in Greece.  Plaster and cement-based flooring construct a world where glass and pebbles are reminiscent of the textured island itself and huge stretches of water, while bamboo canes were used to provide a natural sense of relaxation while embellishing walls and ceilings. KLab Architects pride themselves with a mixture of local charm, low budget and simple, clean inspiration.

Submitted by Dwayne Lutringer

Source: Freshome

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April 08, 2014

Interchangeable Accents

Chameleon décor is a growing trend, versus settling on one long term, fixed look.  Keep them guessing by opting for a versatile neutral base, using big-impact accents to easily change your décor.  Change out your rugs, throw Interchangeable Accentspillows, light fixtures, even art work and small pieces.  You can change the color pallet from warm to cool or change the style completely.  Try to incorporate bold, graphic patterns in your accessories or change them for softer styles to give your space an entirely different atmosphere, all the while; keeping the core pieces the same.  You should absolutely love all of the finishing touches in your space just as much as the primary pieces, let them be a reflection of you!


Submitted by Crystal Fritsch

Source: www.sulia.com

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April 05, 2014

Hand Door Knob by Naomi Thellier De Poncheville

Hand_door_handle_2Door Hand-le knob by Naomi Thellier is really a Door ‘Hand’. The Door Hand-le by designer Naomi Thellier de Poncheville is entirely made of aluminum and imitates a human hand perfectly, so if you want something unique and original for your door this doorknob could be something that you should try.

Who knows maybe your guests will feel more welcome after cause of this friendly handshake. Most of us don’t live in buildings with a live doorman anymore so this may be the closest we’ll ever get to getting a piece of the pie. And no need to tip during the holidays, it’s currently produced by Pols Potten from Netherland.


Submitted by Ximena Matiz

Source: http://decoholic.org/2012/05/11/hand-door-knob-by-naomi-thellier-de-poncheville/

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April 04, 2014

Gyeonggi Children’s Museum Climbing Gym by Luckey



Luckey have designed a climbing gym for the Gyeonggi Children’s Museum in South Korea.

Situated in the Gyeonggi Children’s Museum, Gyeonggi, South Korea, this climber is Luckey LLC’s tallest climber, at 53′-4″. This climber was conceived as a kind of child’s construction, made out of bendy straws.

Kids can access it from the ground floor or via the bridge attachment on the 2nd floor, which creates an even more dynamic flow of children! Its base is the denser area of the climber, filled with bent surfaces in orange, blue, brown, white and magenta, which evoke different beverages enjoyed by children! The discs slowly start to dissapear, until one reaches the zenith of the journey, at the top of this enormous and energetic structure!


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April 03, 2014

Les Cordes


Mathieu Lehanneur is a French designer who is on the forefront of the international design scene. He is also one of the few in his generation to use his talents in a variety of areas, beyond furniture. Innovatively, he combines design, science, art and technology as poetic-communicative components to achieve maximum welfare for human beings. Air, water, sound and light are his favorite work materials.

This lighting installation known as “Les Cordes” was completed in 2013 at Château Borely, Ville de Marseille.LesCordes2
“This chandelier was conceived as a rope of light crossing the ceiling, only bands of light and glass are visible. It is not an object. It is not a light fitting. It is the light itself that seems to live and circulate in the entrance space, as if stitched onto the building itself,” ML.



Submitted by A Kanjanakaset

Source: Mathieu Lehanneur

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April 02, 2014

The Jane

The JaneDutch design studio Piet Boon has recently completed the transformation of the church of a former military hospital into The Jane, a gourmet destination that combines fine dining with a rock ‘n roll aesthetic in Antwerp, Belgium.  The Jane opened in March 2014, and consists of; a main dining area, which occupies the church’s main hall, a bar on the existing upper floor, serving light snacks prepared behind the bar, and the kitchen, that has been placed under the magnificent apse, where the altar used to be, and is remarkably encased within glass walls making the entire cooking process visible to patrons. The designers chose to preserve much of the church’s original materials and features, such as the intricate mosaics on the floor and the ornate ceiling.  However the stained glass windows that once most likely portrayed martyrs or miracles of saints, now picture haphazard, graphic shapes, adding a playful sense to the structure.


Submitted by Crystal Fritsch

Source: yatzer.com

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April 01, 2014

The Sky Kitchen Island

SkyKitchenTHE SKY IS THE LIMIT Kitchen Island is a true work of art, ingeniously crafted by designer Xavier Bonte. When all of the doors are closed, the technical aspect of the island disappears, creating the shape of a cloud in the sky or spaceship in outer space. Its blue lines contrast to resemble the white contrails of an airplane in the blue sky.

Thanks to the flexibility of HI-MACS® new generation acrylic stone, it was possible to incorporate aninduction cook-top, two sinks, a tap and four drawers into the island. The top of the island unit, which opens and closes electronically by remote control, reveals a ductless range extractor. Finally, the bright HI-MACS® Lucent Opal sideboard reinforces this kitchen’s innovative and stylish features.

Submitted by Dwayne Lutringer

Source: Freshome

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March 26, 2014

The Human Scale: Presented by Hold It

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 11.02.35 AMIn partnership with the San Diego Design Film Festival and the SDAF, Hold It Contemporary Home is excited to present the San Diego premiere of The Human Scale.

This important film examines life in the modern city through the lens of Danish architect and planner Jan Gehl, who for 40+ years has studied human behavior in cities. He has documented how modern cities repel human interaction and argues that we can build cities in a better way, which takes human needs for inclusion and intimacy into account. The film will have you questioning your assumptions about modernity and exploring what happens when we put people at the center of our urban planning.

April 8th, 2014 at 7pm, please join us at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Downtown. For tickets, log on to www.sddesignff.com


Submitted by Coco Jeannine

Source: www.sddesignff.com

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March 25, 2014


Bracci is a luxury leather collection manufactured in a state of the art factory, located in southern Italy, that specializes in high-end contemporary and modern leather sofas.

Bracci Black

The process starts with new and trendsetting designs from top Italian designers. The designs are then brought to life by highly skilled artisans, who have learned their craft from past generations. This combination of high-tech building methods and materials, with old world craftsmanship allows Bracci to proudly offer an exclusive 100% Italian made product.

Bracci sofas are made only with selected eco-friendly hides tanned in Italy from European and South America origin. All leathers are cut by hand with traditional techniques, which cannot be replaced by even the most modern technology. The foam is a super-soft eco-friendly open cell polyurethane, which is the most advanced foam available on the market. This foam does not contain CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and the open cell structure means tBracci Whitehat the foam exchanges a greater quantity of air when it is compressed and, therefore, offers an excellent seating experience.

We are excited to showcase Bracci for the first time in the West Coast this March at Hold It Contemporary Home.


Submitted by A Kanjanakaset

Source: Bracci

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March 24, 2014



There is a new sandwich phenomenon happening on Miramar Rd!  The infamous Supernatural Sandwiches from the Hillcrest farmers market opened their first store front this week!  They are serving up gourmet, made to order, seafood sandwiches, made from fresh, local ingredients with hand crafted sauces, and friendly customer service.  The Hold It resident Design Consultant, Crystal Fritsch, designed a warm, nautical space that feels like a lair for all of the Supernatural guests.  The high quality food, delicious combinations, and welcoming environment are enough reasons to check it out for youself!


Submitted by Crystal Fritsch

Source: http://www.supernaturalsandwiches.com/

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