August 27, 2015

Labor Day Celebration Sale




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July 14, 2015

Warehouse Wednesday



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July 01, 2015

When The President Makes A House Call

When The President ComesYou’ve probably heard by now that President Obama stopped by Marc Maron’s garage last week as the latest guest on his popular podcast WTF. Besides the president’s personal life and the politics they discussed, I was also especially interested in exactly how one gets their space (in this case, garage) ready for a visit from the President of the United States. Maron describes it and it’s quite the process! Here are a few tidbits.

First things first; Maron says he did “clean up a little bit. I moved the piles into the house.”

For security, the secret service closed off Maron’s street to traffic, swept his house with a bomb-sniffing dog, tented the driveway and even installed a sniper on his neighbor’s roof. He describes security everywhere and five or six people with headphones listening to and monitoring their interview.

Obama even enables Maron’s hoarding tendencies!

Maron: Sometimes I’m like, do I need that thing anymore? There’s a book I didn’t read 30 years ago. Do I really need that?

Obama: You never know when you’re gonna need that. It could be the book you need to read in 5 years.

Submitted by: Crystal

Source: Apartment Therapy 

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June 30, 2015

Imperfect Shelves

shelves1Even the name of the studio that created this modern shelf system – Imperfettolab – represents the unique imperfections and natural subjectivity without which artistic shapes would be powerless. In the studio’s workshop in Gambettola, Italy, modern objects and furniture take shape under the attentive supervision of Verter Turroni and Emanuela Ravelli. They design and manufacture furniture like the Favo Shelf System based on organic shapes turned into molds, then sanded painted and hand-finished to a perfect polish in concordance with the design.

shelvesTheir collection of design objects and furniture is inspired by the imperfections of the raw materials and “wants to express a synthesis between natural and artificial elements becoming familiar, domestic.” These modern shelf systems from Imperfettolab leave you the options of playing around with organic shapes and integrate them perfectly into your home’s landscape.  Skillful craftsmanship can be seen in the hand-polished finishes. Made out of modular wall elements, the system can be arranged in a myriad of positions, clustered together, following the line of the ceiling of scattered around. Place them in a seemingly casual pattern to give the space a contemporary fresh look.

Submitted by: Dwayne

Source: Freshome

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June 29, 2015

Iconic Designs

Urchins1Brass sea urchins, sometimes referred to as starbursts, are standard in many Mid-Century Modern design & sculptural art pieces. Made famous by Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels, also known as “C. Jeré”, these eye-catching designs are iconic of 1960s decor.

The starburst design was made popular by designer George Nelson in the late 50’s and early 60’s with his wall clocks he designed for Howard Miller.   The starburst form (i.e. exploding star) is pulled right from what was going on in the world at the time, the detonation of the Atom bomb in 1945 and the optimism and fear that followed over the next two decades, also known as the Atomic Age.  Throughout the 50’s and 60’s the starburst motif is referenced on all types of decorative objects from flatware to fabrics, lamps and sculpture.

Urchins2C. Jeré was founded in 1963 by Jerry Fels and his brother-in-law Curtis (Kurt) Freiler. Fels was head of design while Freiler was the production chief. Their goal was to produce “gallery-quality art for the masses.” In 1964 Jerry and Curtis founded the company Artisan House which went on to acquire a team of artists and craftsmen to produce the designs developed by C. Jeré. Their works are handcrafted of rich metals, including copper, bronze, brass, steel, aluminum and chrome.  The designs include sculpture, lighting, furniture and household accessories and range from representational to highly abstract. C. Jeré soon became a leader in the home décor industry as many of their designs became highly coveted and representational of not only the time period, but of California mid-century design as well.

With Midcentury Modern Design still as popular as ever in the interior design world and gold and mixed metal accents for the home the trend du jour, we are seeing a resurgence in the influence of C. Jeré’s designs.

Urchins3At Hold It, the iconic brass sea urchin design of C. Jeré lives on, as we are excited to feature global accessory brand, Two’s Company, and their “Wall Art Flower” sculptures. The sculptures come in three sizes with prices ranging from $25-$45.

Swing by Hold It Contemporary Home to snag a little piece of iconic design history for your home today.

Written By: Jamie Dunfee

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June 28, 2015


When faced with the prospect of long, hot summer days, many of us only want one thing: the beach! This may explain the resurgence of the classic beach element: Driftwood. The brown and grey tones of this wood make it the perfect power neutral, while its organic, rugged shape can go with any décor. When paired with an industrial black iron, as we see in Four Hand’s Bina Collection, this beautiful wood provides just the right amount of contrast to a space. Keep your eye out for the Lorie Dining Table and Dom buffet, arriving this July to Hold It Contemporary Home.

Drift2 Drift3 Drift4

Written by: Caity Hall

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June 27, 2015

Calligaris Interactive Totem

Interactive Totem_edited-1We have an exciting new addition to the Calligaris Studio at Hold It Contemporary Home!

Stop by the store to experience our new Interactive Totem. This innovative multimedia display gives customers the unique opportunity to customize their pieces and virtually see how each piece of furniture will look in a domestic setting. With the help of the Interactive Totem, all of the guesswork is gone.

The Interactive Totem brings the Calligaris collection to life, allowing customers to see the full line of products in all available finishes and colors. A knowledgeable design consultant will help you through the process, assuring that you will find the perfect new look.




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June 26, 2015

Calligaris Summer Sale

CalligarisSS (1)


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June 25, 2015

Elevate Your Tablescape


Tablescape1With the summer season kicking off, this means an influx of gatherings with family and friends- picnics and barbecues, Fourth of July parties, wedding festivities, and more.

Between work and party planning, who has the time to spend thinking about that perfect centerpiece for said party or event?

We all know everyone loves a beautiful floral arrangement as the center of a tabletop, but what if you think outside the box and try something new? At Hold it Home, we have the perfect solution for your tablescape- our Accent Décor plate glass planters!

We absolutely love showcasing unique succulent plate glass displays throughout the showroom at Hold It. By playing off of their vibrant hues, we can pick up different colors in a piece of artwork, accessory or furnishing. We also use these little trendy cacti to add texture and life to a room.

Tablescape5Hold It Contemporary Home’s Floral Department stocks a wide array of faux succulents, florals, moss, pebbles and stones, as well as a large assortment of ceramic, glass and cement vases and planters to get creative with and build the custom arrangement perfectly fit to your décor and aesthetic.

Whether you need an arrangement for your next party or want to showcase a beautiful unique centerpiece in your home all year long, come visit us at Hold It and get creative in our floral area!

Accent Décor Plate Glass comes in a variety of sizes starting at 4” up to 48”.


Written by: Jamie Dunfee



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June 24, 2015

Candy Shop

Candy ShopVisiting IKEA just got a little sweeter. The Swedish retailer just announced that they’re opening an in-store candy shop in each US location, inspired by a sugary tradition.

The LÖRDAGSGODIS Pick and Mix Sweets is based on the Scandinavian tradition of the same name; meaning “Saturday candy,” it’s a ritual where parents would take children to the local shop to pick out a bag of treats.

Featuring 45 varieties of Swedish gummies, licorice, chocolate, marshmallows and more, LÖRDAGSGODIS is currently open in several stores, and will continue to roll out across the country this summer.

Submitted by: Crystal

Source: Apartment Therapy

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