April 24, 2014

Konan Ward Cultural Center

KWC1Walk into the Konan Ward Cultural Center, built by Chiaki Arai in the city of Niigata, 150 miles northwest of Tokyo, and you feel that you’ve stumbled onto a sci-fi movie set. The hallways resemble intergalactic skyscapes, with LEDs twinkling all around. Their light bounces off tableaux of intersecting planes, walls tilted to open up unexpected perspectives. Round skylights cast shifting, aqueous patterns on the floor. It’s just the kind of place that makes you think, Ah, this is the work of a singular mind.

Talk to the owner of that mind, however, and he’ll tell you the opposite. “The era of the architect as great master is ending,” he declares.


Instead, in Niigata and elsewhere, his designs grow out of an extraordinary degree of public collaboration. His goal is to nurture what the poet W.H. Auden termed topophilia, or love of place. Without that, Arai believes, even the most prestigious projects are doomed.

According to the cultural center’s director, Kazuei Ono, the newcomer is already a beloved landmark: “Everyone sees the elements they wanted embodied in the building. It’s created unity.” Yet for all Arai’s conviction that the era of architect-as-solitary-visionary has passed, the cultural center, with its fantastical and sculptural use of concrete, is unmistakably his.


Submitted by: Jonathan Lee

Source: InteriorDesign.net

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April 21, 2014

Custom Prada

Go Custom

Prada is offering a new service, which grants customers the chance to fashion their own designer shoe. The ‘made to order pumps’ collection asks clients to choose from nine shoe styles — from peep-toes and platforms — with five different heel heights. Materials available for selection include suede, satin, kid, patent or saffiano-leather printed patent, in a diverse palette of saturated, pastel and neutral tones. Once the model, hue and fabric surface is chosen, further customization includes the choice of sole color — in black, lily of the valley or light blue — and your initials in amber metal just below the Prada logo.


Submitted by Crystal Fritsch

Source: designboom.com

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April 20, 2014

Très Chic

UntitledAxis Mundi Design, a multidisciplinary firm based in New York imagined the colorful and light-filled interior of this 675 sq.ft one-bedroom apartment, located in the Meatpacking District in New York. Surprising the viewer with a rich décor, the team responsible with the project focused on outlining the outstanding features of the space starting from the zebrano plank flooring, the Egg Chair, the glass coffee table, and a spectacular chandelier.  The flat looks “très chic”. The chromatic vibrancy pulsing throughout the home generates a strong positive energy, making the entire place glow. Astounding details, such as lively colored pillows, a modern fireplace, a cheerful rug and an arched window create a strong feeling of comfort and sophistication.


Submitted by Dwayne Lutringer

Source: Freshome

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April 19, 2014

Concrete Vacation Home

Concrete Vacation Home 2With the ocean in sight, The Truffle is an unusual vacation home built within a rock. The inhabitable concrete stone is located in Costa de Morte, Spain and was designed by Ensamble Estudio in collaboration with Ricardo Sanz and Javier Cuesta. Its 270 square-foot minimalist decor has everything you’d need for a peaceful getaway, and includes a raised platform bed, modest bath, and built-in fireplace.

The most striking feature of The Truffle is its exterior, which simultaneously looks natural and man-made. It was fabricated by the architects in a tedious, multi-step process. First, they dug a hole in the ground and blocked out an interior space using hay bales. Concrete and later topsoil was poured around the bales to bury their work and let it dry. These steps were repeated until they had an enormous rock beneath the soil. Afterwards, it was exhumed from the ground.

With the giant stone extracted, there was little left but concrete and hay. It took a calf named Paulina a year to eat through the hay bales and clear the room. The use of this material not only provided generous snacking for the animal, but imprinted an interesting texture into the concrete. Its long stalks add a permanently rustic and cavernous feel to this coastal home.


Submitted by Caity

Source: My Modern Met

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April 18, 2014

Mid-Century Modern Architecture Self-Guided Tour

La Jolla Mid Century Modern

Recently, La Jolla Historical Society and Modern San Diego have partnered up to present their new Mid-Century Modern Architecture Self-Guided Tour! Mouthful, isn’t it? Last week the La Jolla Historical Society announced that the new “self-guided” tour is now available. They even have a map with directions to over 40 different locations on renowned mid-century modern architects. The tour ranges from private residences to commercial buildings all over La Jolla. Head over to the La Jolla Historical Society Office and Research Center and pick up your map to all these great architectural formations “at-your-own-pace”, of course! It’s a sight for sore…well…visual eyes!


Submitted by Shelby Harvey

Source: http://www.modernsandiego.com/

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April 17, 2014

Glamping for Glampers: Luxury Camping on the South Korean Mountainside

Emerging South Korean design studio Archiworkshop has injected some serious style into its recently completed “Glamping for Glampers” project. Located in the mountainous region of Yang-Pyeong in South Korea,

Glampingthe remote glampsite features a series of luxurious “tents” which add some serious comfort to the traditional camping experience.

The five star luxury accommodation modules are somewhat of a hybrid between a tent and a cabin. Designed in two different formations – the circular Stacking Doughnut unit and the long and expandable Modular Flow unit – both have been built with wooden flooring and steel frames which are covered with a strong double layered membrane.

Glamping2This covering has been specifically created to be UV, water and fire resistant and, according to Archiworkshop, is ideal for a wide variety of different climates. However, I’m guessing with very little insulation these units will heat up quite quickly in the summer and would be quite chilly in the winter.

Inside, guests can enjoy polished wooden flooring, comfortable real beds, a large living zone with modern furniture (also designed by Archiworkshop), small kitchenette and bathroom facilities. And if you’re wondering where the bathroom is when you flick through the gallery, it’s actually hidden within the two dramatic art walls.


Submitted by Ximena Matiz

Source: http://www.gizmag.com/glamping-for-glampers-archiworkshop/30753/pictures

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April 16, 2014



Watch out for pastels this spring! They are popping up everywhere from haute couture to home decor. Mix them with strong neutrals to give your space presence and to avoid a playful or overly feminine style.  Get a statement piece or replace some of your gloomy accessories with bright, lively pastel tones.  Lighten it up with shades of mint green, baby blue, violet, pink and canary yellow.  No longer reduced to baby doll dresses, candy aisles, and hospital waiting rooms, this year’s fresh crop of pastel designs prove that even light colors can be heavy contenders.


Submitted by Crystal Fritsch

Source: pinterest.com

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April 15, 2014

The North Parker Lofts

Historic North Park, San Diego’s first suburban “city” is better known in architectural circles for its huge inventory of 1915-era Craftsman Bungalows.  But as the community has morphed into an arts/restaurant/retail and craft beer mecca, is it any wonder that the area is now attracting at least one of the city’s leading architectural lights in Jonathan Segal?


Called the North Parker, local architect and developer Jonathan Segal’s new multi-use project is located at 30th and Upas. The project includes 4 retail suites totaling 6000 square feet, 27 2-bedroom rentals, and office space that will house Segal’s architecture firm. The design is reminiscent of Segal’s black building on India Street in Little Italy. It replaces worn out buildings that once housed an ice house and Whitney’s appliance store

up until the 1950s. Until Jan. 1, 2013, the architectural eyesore over the years has been a mishmash of mostly forgettable businesses. Demolition occurred in April 2013, the North Parker is under construction and is to be completed late April/May, 2014.


Submitted By: Jonathan Lee

Source: :  http://www.jonathansegalarchitect.com/

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April 12, 2014

Take-Off Light

Take OffThe Take-Off Light by Fifti Fifti is a DIY designed project that allows you to create a custom designed pendant lamp shade. The shade itself is perforated paper that is laser cut. It allows you to selectively poke out tiny triangles or circles to form a pattern. The set includes a steel frame, paper templates with the perforated triangles or circles, underlining, and magnets to assemble.




With the ability to determine where the light passes through the lamp-shade,

Take Off 2there is an endless variety of structures and patterns. Let your imagination and creativity go crazy!


Submitted by Caity

Source: Moco Loco

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April 11, 2014

Aura Collection by Jasper van Grootel

The Aura collection consists of a variety of three circle shaped lighting items in different sizes. Crafted of Anodized aluminium and fixed with fairground light bulbs these design objects are sophisticated yet playful. It is Aurapossible to connect through the Aura’s; create an immense lighting object by making a range of the same or different sizes offered. These lighting items ad a luxurious and intense atmosphere to a space, whether it’s in a hospitality facility, in an office, a living room or even in a club. Available in three standard colours: black, silver and gold. Every other color is available on request.


Submitted by Ximena Matiz

Source: http://www.contemporist.com/2014/02/25/aura-collection-by-jasper-van-grootel/#more-85175

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