May 24, 2015

The Black Gold Project

The Black Gold ProjectThe ‘Black Gold Project’ repurposes mega oil-tankers for land-based uses. High rise developments, airports, science and technology centers, universities, chain hotels, shopping malls, and museums now fill the deserts of the southern gulf region. The unprecedented financial boom of some Arab states has caused the area great wealth, and with it an ever-increasing amount of cultural criticism and aversion towards examples of some of the world’s most unconsidered, pretentious architecture.

Organization of interior storage volumes and tanks provide nearly infinite possibilities for adaptations and functional applications. Double steel walls are able to facilitate a sustainable climate suited for either short or long visits. The enormous base area is able to accommodate huge-events, and the interior height makes it possible to stack multiple open or closed volumes within. Possible uses include museums, cultural exhibitions, shopping, or if properly adapted, long-term residences. Above, the renovated deck can provide scenic views and plenty of space for visitors to walk and socialize.

Submitted by: Crystal

Source: Designboom

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May 23, 2015

Sculptural Life-Size Lighting By LZF Lamps

1qLife-Size is a brand new collection by LZF Lamps that explores art and design through large scale, sculptural lighting. The first piece is Koi Fish, a “real, life-size illuminated light fixture that defied gravity”. Massive and glowing, the fish is the result of years of intensive labor and study to create a looming light unlike any other.

The collection was first inspired by the way light diffused through overlapping wood veneer. The rippling effect reminded them of fish scales, which they dubbed Koi Fabric. Then, LZF Lamps’ founders, Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill, were inspired to create a 3D Koi with scales that glittered like the Koi Fabric.

Five years later, Koi Fish was born as the first piece in the Life-Size Collection. Along with Koi Fish are the Funny Farm animals by the illustrator Isidro Ferrer and Dandelion by Burkhard Dämme

Submitted By: Alison

Source: Design-Milk


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May 22, 2015

Kartell Museum

Kartell MuseumThe Kartell Museum opens its doors to the public with a completely new look.

The new design leads to an exciting visual and experiential trip through the culture of Kartell design.

In 1999, on the occasion of the company’s fiftieth anniversary, Claudio Luti, President of Kartell, founded the Kartell Museum, bringing to life one of the richest corporate museums in Italy.

After its initial foray into the area of automotive accessories, Kartell determined that it would do business in the field of plastics, which do not occur as natural substances with an identity prior to processing. Kartells’s first winning idea was to introduce plastic to the home through the housewares and lighting divisions and to intensify technological research.

The new museum tells its story using integrated approaches: the chronological story is interwoven with the emotional side to communicate the essence of Kartell, always the innovator, the outsider, halfway between furnishings and fashion, always anticipating technologies, functions, trends and styles. theme routes and details on certain products or unique pieces find their place along the more traditional chronological route to help visitors take in and dwell on some particularly symbolic stages in the company’s history: one example is the room with transparencies displaying 15 years of the use of injection molding technology in a single transparent polycarbonate mold where Kartell is the undisputed leader.

The permanent exhibition includes cult pieces, veritable icons whose ‘plasticity’ is an intrinsic, design and aesthetic value and touches the heart not only of design lovers, but also many world records.

Submitted By: Crystal

Source: Designboom

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May 21, 2015

Glass Home in Milan

1 2 3If you have the funds, architect and glass designer Carlo Santambrogio will design for you almost any indoor or outdoor glass structure you can think of. But it is his Glass Concept Home, located in Milan, which is perhaps his most impressive architectural feat – one which is currently being replicated in Paris, France. A blue-tinged glass cube sits in the middle of a wooded clearing – a location private enough to reasonably place a home that is made almost entirely of 6 to 7 millimeter glass (the material can be specially heated during the winter). Almost every feature or piece of furniture is made from glass as well, from the dining room table, to the stairs, to the bookcase. In fact, one of the few items not made of glass is the bed. It seems glass is just not comfortable to sleep on, even with a great comforter.

Submitted By: Elizabeth

Source: Forbes

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May 20, 2015


AirbnbShort-term housing rental company, Airbnb’s latest stunt is a floating house that has been traveling down the River Thames in London. The catch? You can actually stay there for a night.
The listing, simply titled Floating House, was designed by architects and twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball. It features two bedrooms, one bathroom, a dog kennel, a book collection and a private garden, complete with an apple tree. The designers say they “were inspired to create a fairy tale structure in the middle of London – something that would allow people to see the city from a different angle.” Crossing local neighborhoods such as Chelsea, Westminster and Canary Wharf, the house will host community events and overnight stays, providing new perspectives on the city.
This is a real, functional house. You just have to follow the house rules, including “no swimming in the Thames” and no “acts of piracy.”

Submitted By: Crystal


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May 19, 2015

48 Urban Garden Restaurant

48_urban_garden_katerina_apostolou_minna_colakis_0248_urban_garden_katerina_apostolou_minna_colakis_1048_urban_garden_katerina_apostolou_minna_colakis_05Located on the ground floor of the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center in Athens, 48 Urban Garden by AK-A Architects is a restaurant that opens onto a lush garden with a sculptural wooden landscape composed of multilevel seating areas, bar tops, planter boxes and garden beds. Inside is an Airstream trailer with a fully equipped kitchen in which seasonal, organic, locally sourced meals are prepared by the chefs.

The adjacent space is enveloped in a whitewashed wall composed of angled bricks, and contains the bar area and a 2.50m x 2.50m wooden table. The color palette is crisp and clean (lime green, olive green and white, with dark wooden surfaces and brown black metal) and multiple patterns have been used throughout the room.48_urban_garden_katerina_apostolou_minna_colakis_06

Submitted by: Sylvia


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May 18, 2015

Suntory Whisky Carved the World’s Most Incredible Ice Cubes

05-18-15IMG1 05-18-15IMG2 05-18-15IMG3

Advertising craft doesn’t get more delicate than this. Check out the crazy ice cubes TBWA\Hakuhodo created for Japan’s Suntory Whisky.

The agency used what’s called a CNC router (and a process that’s kind of inverse 3-D printing) to carve the designs, which ranged from the Statue of Liberty to the Sphinx to Batman and everything in between. (There even appears to be, perhaps presciently, a Cannes Lion in the mix.)

Miwako Fujiwara of TBWA\Hakuhodo said the CNC router was chilled at -7 degrees Celsius to keep the ice from melting. The agency used an app called Autodesk 123D to capture the 3-D images and prep them for printing. “A touch of chilled whiskey polishes the surface of the ice and gives a beautiful shine to the sculpture,” Fujiwara added.

The campaign was launched in 2014 and won gold for design in Adweek’s Project Isaac Awards last year. It also just won a Branded Content & Entertainment Lotus trophy at the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival in Thailand.

Submitted by: Alison


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May 17, 2015

Giant Cat Sofa

05-17-15IMG1The Giant Cat Sofa is a conceptual art project for individual artists to express their own version of “living”, using vacant apartment spaces in Manchester. The artists were the last people to inhabit the apartments before the entire district was demolished. This giant sleeping cat sofa was inspired by the wallpaper used in a child’s room. Made from felt and stuffing, The Giant Cat Sofa measures 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) in length. Visitors to the art exhibit were allowed to sit on its lap so that the cat could get a taste of its own medicine for once.

Although this is just a concept, if someone were to create a kick starter campaign to make giant cat sofas, I can assure you it would exceed its goal within hours!

Submitted by: Ximena




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May 16, 2015

The Hub

05-16-15IMG1 05-16-15IMG4 05-16-15IMG2If you think that open coworking spaces are dull, think again!

Architects Josemaría de Churtichaga and Cayetana de la Quadra-Salcedo of Madrid practice ch+qs were asked by The Hub – a social enterprise that inspire and support imaginative and enterprising initiatives for a better world – to conceive their social entrepreneurs’ co-working space. And then, the Spanish architects designed the HUB Flat : an untouched 1950s apartment, physically linked through the main condominium and transformed into a contemporary studio and living place.

Inspired by the work of American artist Gordon Matta Clark, the architects used ‘subtraction’ as a means to transform the space. Without losing the historical features of the flat that they wanted to preserve, ch+qs punctured and carved the walls and doors with holes, allowing communication between spaces. Only 2 rooms have been preserved without holes, so to maintain the intimacy only needed in the dorms.05-16-15IMG3

Submitted by: Caity

Source: Flodeau

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May 15, 2015



Grab your friends and get over to Hold It Contemporary Home Spring Warehouse Sale! For one day only, save up to 60% off one of a kind, discontinued, overstocked, special buys and slightly damaged European contemporary and modern home furnishings.

Saturday May 23rd

Doors open at 8AM


7700 Ronson Rd.

San Diego, Ca  92111


Read more …

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