November 24, 2014


FULL BF AD TOPAfter 25 years of just watching Black Friday Sales we have decided to participate. In Hold It Home style we are conducting sales in two locations. Our warehouse (7700 Ronson Road) is open from 8AM to 12 Noon. Sale items are 30-60% off and include a lot of dining, a couple great beds, desks and office chairs, sofas/sectionals and more. Don’t be disappointed, be early.

Our Mission Valley store opens at 10AM. We have 20 Little Bird sleepers at a sale price of $399. They will not last! In addition we are offering 30% off on all in-stock artwork, area rugs and select Innovation sofa/sleepers.

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November 22, 2014

Pantone Hotel …A Colorful Palette

Pantone 1

If you’re going to be in Brussels, Belgium there’s a cool NEW hotel called the PANTONE Hotel. This hotel combines a chic, colorful design aesthetic with comfortable, well-appointed guest rooms. This is the perfect getaway place for those of you who like to stay somewhere chic & interesting. I admit, I’ve never stayed in a really creative looking hotel. Have you? However, this is one of those hotels you want to make a point to visit!

Pantone  2

At the PANTONE hotel there are 7 floors, each with a different color palette. Don’t you just love it when a hotel isn’t just a hotel but more like a work of art….always keeping your interest. They also have color consultants you can consult with as well as educational seminars on color psychology and trends…now that is pretty cool!
11212014  3


Submitted by: Elizabeth

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November 21, 2014

Classy and Brassy, And Showstopper Copper

11212014  1

We all know bold metals have the potential to be extremely tacky. There was a reason the last time brass was popular was in the 70s. But with trial and error, it seems that brass is finally back in full force. It took a while to trickle down past designers, but it’s making its way into homes a lot more lately. Copper is becoming a more regular staple as well, as bold pieces become the grand centerpiece for simple bathrooms, or as statement occasionals. This is a venture that we are excited about. Stainless steels, brushed nickels and chromes have had their time in the limelight and it’s exciting to see other metals getting a chance to shine.
Designer Tom Dixon kick-started the new-metal age about a half decade ago, developing lighting that utilized hammered metals in warm tones that soon became iconic. In the last couple years, it has become much more common with designers, and particularly in restaurant design. Brass and copper add a certain sense of romance that has been lacking in modern design for a while. The metals signify a history and a craftsmanship that stainless steel and chrome do not.

11212014  2

Make note: the metals that are growing in common popularity are not the shiny, brass pieces of the 70s that looked fake and ostentatious. These metals are the authentic beauty that we’ve been lacking in design and will gladly show you their tarnished edges that add so much character to a space.

If you’re nervous about adding these metals to your mix, start small! Try a table or pendant lamp, and then move forward from there. You’ll see that these metals will bring some great dimension and class to your space!


Submitted by: Cassandra

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November 20, 2014


It has been announced that British designer Thomas Heatherwick is to build a public park and performance space on Manhattan’s lower west side. Entitled pier 55, the project will replace the dilapidated pier 54 with construction expected to start in 2016, costing in excess of $130 million.
Heatherwick studio has teamed up with landscape architect Mathews Nielsen in designing the pier, which will serve as a place of discovery, replete with lush lawns and pathways that offer expansive views of the Manhattan skyline. A performance space will serve as one of New York City’s premier venues for music, dance, theater and public art, along with independent community events. The majority of pier 55′s programming will be free and low cost, with prices set in accordance with nonprofit programming in New York City.

Pier 55


Submitted by: Crystal

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November 19, 2014

Neclumi the Future of Jewelry?

Neclumi is the first projection-based interactive necklace.
At the current stage the whole setup is based on iPhone running custom app and a Pico projector connected via hdmi cable and attached to the wearers chest.
Given the rate of miniaturization of the Pico projector technology and observing the trend of wearables treated more as jewelry and fashion accessories rather than just gadgets, we predict that wearable projection and projection-based jewelry become a reality in a few years.

The Polish interdisciplinary new media design and art group pan Generator is currently committed to create a standalone version of the project and they are opened for funding and collaboration.
Neclumi is a speculative layer in this project and the creators are posing a question if in the world where we’re having less and less in terms of physical goods (music streaming instead of CD, e-books instead of paper copies etc.) the same logic might be applied for other areas.
Could we focus on abstract aesthetic values instead of physical form and economic worth? Is that valid expectation that we might someday abandon atoms of gold for the waves of light? Probably not, but it’s nice thought experiment nonetheless.


Submitted by: Alison

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November 15, 2014


Calligaris Bed Sale2

From now until December 1, 2014 save 30% off Calligaris bedrooms and sofas. Create the perfect bedroom retreat from a large selection of European platform beds and case goods. Also, check out the amazing new selection of sofas and accent chairs from Calligaris. All Calligaris sofas and chairs come with a 15 day comfort guarantee. See a Design Consultant for more detail.

Visit to view all products

Caligaris bed sale logo

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November 06, 2014


10062014  1In the series of community development projects by 1+1>2 international architecture JSC, in collaboration with research centers and public health development COHED, the ‘bottle seedling house’ has been built within a rural community affected by HIV and AIDS. The work aims to improve the quality of agriculture, strengthen community connections, and help people with the conditions socially reintegrate.
11062014 3
The land is located next to the sea dyke, with an average of 12 typhoons each year, which presents a big challenge when building. As a result, the architects understood that residence should be shaped to respond to natural disasters, protecting seedlings. The developed strategy has positioned the structure at the foot of the embankment – where it can be sheltered from the wind the most, the concrete pipe foundation can be buried deep underground, and enhanced cross bracing ensures a sustainable bamboo frame system.
With an aesthetic that displays the same design principles applied to wind-sails – a familiar image to the fishing villagers – the house appears as an interesting accent between fields. The combined curves from plastic bottles that sparkle like moving furniture, with strong visual appeal.

11062014  2

Submitted by: Sylvia

Source: Design Boom

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November 06, 2014

Eco-Fue Bio Ethonal Fireplaces

11062014  4With cooler weather just around the corner, we brought back some exciting and innovative new fireplaces from the Fall High Point Market. Eco-Feu offers a large array of designs for the outdoors as well as the indoors. The Bio Ethanol burning fireplaces come in a range of styles and sizes, and can be freestanding or wall mounted. The flame burns clean, without smoke or residue, and the units give off a gentle heat to create the perfect ambiance. Keep an eye out for these new pieces at our showroom this month, and get ready to add some drama to every room in your house!110220145
The full line of Eco-Fue fireplaces are not available at Hold It Contemporary Home.

Submitted by: Caity

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October 24, 2014


fall market sale

It is that time of the year again where we need to make room for our new items purchased at the High Point Market. So in with the new and out with the old while you take advantage of 20 to 50% off our great existing products.
Items are limited and they go fast. Sale ends Sunday November 2nd.

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October 23, 2014


Artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc recently worked together with photographer Isabelle Chapuis to develop this alluring series, called Dandelion, as part of RAISE Magazine’s #16 Light Issue. In each soft portrait, the artist blended femininity with unique arrangements of delicate dandelions.


Soft layers of deliberately placed organic materials cover faces and bodies like translucent masks. Such careful arrangements produce the sensation that even the slightest breeze could send the petals scattering off into the air. Blossom Talent, a design studio dedicated exclusively to the plant world, says, “Through [Duy Anh Nhan Duc’s] creations, he weaves a poetic world where plants reign supreme.”

Check out the video on to see a bit of behind the scenes during the photo shoot.


Submitted by: Dwayne


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