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September 16, 2012

Garden on Wheels

Art and architecture collective Legge Lewis Legge have come up with this amazing opportunity to shape contemporary gardens. Named Fractal Garden, the project aims at constructing contemporary gardens by bringing together several diamond-shaped planters. Supported by wheels, these intriguing quadrilateral polygons expose a world of modern garden customization challenging you to express your love for geometry and nature.

Source: Freshome

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August 10, 2012

36th Annual World Bodysurfing Championship announces the 36th Annual World Bodysurfing Championships to be held adjacent to the Oceanside Pier August 18-19.

Approximately 350-400 bodysurfers from around the world compete in their respective age divisions for trophies and prizes. The Men and Women’s Grand Champions will be crowned on Sunday afternoon, August 19th, the final day.

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July 29, 2012

Outdoor Wallpaper

From Tracy Kendall, a wallpaper for the outdoors made of Tyvek. “Designed for a silver medal award winning garden at London’s Chelsea Flower show in 2011, the outdoor wallpaper puts together the most modern of materials with hand crafted workmanship producing a wallpaper which withstands the wind and rain of the British weather and beyond but still looks beautiful and serene.”

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June 06, 2012

Fatboy Headdemock- Just Set It Up and Get Ready To Hang!

You haven’t felt truly relaxed until you’ve hung out with the Headdemock from FatBoy USA. Forget about those fancy spas, it is sure to take your mind and body places no incense sticks or easy listening muzak can. The smooth fabric and sturdy support frame guarantees that nothing besides a bird with a bad stomach will disturb you. Take one swing and you’ll feel like you’re sipping a coconut on a sunny beach in Hawaii listening to the ukulele. Swing hard enough, and you actually will be.

Come by Hold It Contemporary Home today and take a swing for yourself!

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May 08, 2012

Outside Offices: Detached Work Spaces

Why settle for a cramped corner of a noisy house when your home office could be a separate unit tucked into the greenery of your backyard? Detached office modules, art studios, recording studios and other work spaces help keep the line between work and home life sharply delineated, but cut your commute down to mere steps. Modern and often modular, these compact office designs fit into virtually any outdoor space, and they’re so good-looking, they practically function as yard art.


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March 27, 2012

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Longing for a breath of fresh air? How about a breath of fresh flowers in bloom? Take yourself out of the ordinary by visiting the Carlsbad Flower Fields where kids and adults can wander through over 50 acres of colors, scents and design! Be sure to check out the artist gardens which exhibits favorite paintings transposed into a colorful garden using flowers as an art medium! Now open through May 13th, for more information visit Read more …

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March 05, 2012

Fiber Furniture

Outdoor living is going green with these basalt fiber bonded pieces. The beautifully crafted chairs and tables are made by Maffam Freeform and are completely made by hand. The extremely intricate designs offer the perfect shape and tone for a modern outdoor space.

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February 07, 2012

Mobile Tree Bench

Some things are just too fun to pass-up blogging about. Thanks to Freshome for finding this amazing design. The Tree Bench is a mobile design that allows the user to cinch it to a tree and take a seat. Designed by Rogier Martens, the design offers a relaxing space without disturbing the environment around it.

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October 06, 2011

Sun Bricks

Solar powered path lighting isn’t a new idea, but these “bricks” offer the ability to light your path as part of the path itself. Sun Bricks are solar powered ground lighting and can fit perfectly into any brick path design. The LED lights means that each brick will last just as long as the bricks around it. And even during long winter nights, the bricks can stay illuminated for 8 hours with just a full day of sunlight.

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September 22, 2011

Floating Park

London is making a lot of changes and “upgrades” to their modern architecture before the Olympic Games next summer. But one addition won’t be on land, it will be in the Thames. The Floating River Park is scheduled to being construction and to be completed in time for Games in 2012. The park will be half a mile long and nearly 40 feet wide at parts and will float from the Blackfriars Bridge down until the Tower of London. The design is by Gensler Architects want this space to contain everything and become a tourist destination in itself, as well as a pathway within the city of London.

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