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July 16, 2012

Craftica by Formafantasma

Italian designers Formafantasma have completed a series of objects using various types of discarded leather, including the skin of pigs, fish and cork trees. Pieces in the collection include fish-skin hot water bottles, boar-fur brushes and water containers made of cow bladders. The collection, called Craftica, was commissioned by fashion house Fendi and was be presented at the Design Miami/Basel fair. Read more …

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July 12, 2012

Ratchet Strap Desk

Polyester ratchet straps were designed to tie things down tightly, quickly. They are strong and cheap, and we have recently seen them used in furniture and even houses. Now Studio Lievito of Florence, Italy, uses them in an unusual way to create a desk. Instead of simply holding a box together, like most of the other designs we have shown, they use the straps in tension to pull the tops of the legs together, locking them in place. No screws, no connectors, just tension holds it all together. It doesn’t get any more minimal than this. Not only that, the straps do double duty here, providing a bit of storage and a sense of enclosure.

The designers explain in their submission to Designboom:

The design is an investigation into the simple, industrial qualities of the materials used to achieve a structure without typical joints. To achieve this quality, the table is made from a two-color varnished plywood top, iron milled legs and these are combined by four polyester straps with ratchets. The thing that excites us about these designs is how little there is to them, and how effectively they use simple materials like straps to their best advantage. Less truly is more. Read more …

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July 08, 2012

Hooks and Hangers…

Ready to finally get your life together in one hip, stylin’ and off-the-floor way? We spotted a ton of neat hooks and hangers at ICFF this year, but before you get on us for pointing out a way “over” trend, let us enumerate: we saw a ton of neat hooks and hangers doing fresh, hip things that we’ve never seen before, and in quite the attractive-to-the-eyes sort of way.  Read more …

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July 05, 2012

A Piece of Time Coffee Table

A low table with an integrated glass prism marks the passage of time in Konstfack University Masters student Luna Seo’s That Piece of Time project. At a precise time in a given day light strikes the prism and a rainbow coloured projection is produced. The coffee table consists of two levels of different height, with a glass prism filling in the gap between the tops.

Says Seo, “Consider time as a continuation of ‘now’s. Not a single one is the same. So consistent and everlasting, one can easily forget its weight, take it for granted. One meets miracles at every single ‘now’, although some are forgotten and only some remain.”

The objects in the That Piece of Time collection “grasp time from the sunlight and shed unexpected, unrepeatable moments for you to cherish. It unveils pieces of time through the meetings between light and light-refracting materials.” Read more …

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July 02, 2012

Fa.B. Bookcase

Dede Dextrous Design is back with the Fa.B. fabric bookcase that’s meant to have high function with minimal environmental impact. The frame is made of birch plywood and is foldable and easy to assemble. It comes on castors making it simple to push around from room to room to place it wherever you need it. The hanging fabric units are made of recyclable and stain-resistant fabric that is durable enough to hold all of your books and magazines. You can even add more units when your collection grows. It’s a great alternative to your average bookcase and I love the fact that you can even use it as a room divider.
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July 01, 2012

Hovering Pond in London

Each summer for the past twelve years, London’s Serpentine Gallery commissions a different architect to design a pavilion on the adjacent park lands. It serves as an inspirational place to hang out, hear lectures and have a drink. This summer’s has been designed by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei along with the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron.

It is a serene and surprisingly intimate temporary building. A disc shaped pond hovers over the ground. Twelve columns support the roof 1.4 metres above the earth. Underneath is a cork lined “den” with different levels of cork stools. So simple and so affective. Since the artist is forbidden to leave China, the construction has been anything but simple. The artist has been working with his partners Herzog & de Meuron via Skype, with sketches and models held up for cameras and computers to discuss and decide. Apparently he didn’t mind doing it this way; “Using Skype is lovely. I think all projects should be done with Skype. You only have to communicate the spiritual part.”

The disc, filled with water, will be a mirror for the sky, and a haven for birds. The theme is about the idea of memory. The disc sits on 12 columns in recognition of the ruins of the 11 past ones, plus this one. The excavation was supposed to expose the foundations of previous pavilions, however it turned out that there were none. It was sponsored by Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal and his family will relocate it after the exhibition closes.

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June 28, 2012

Infamous Footwear

Oh, the ways women suffer for fashion. One of the most egregious perpetrators of fashion crimes is none other than that object of burning desire, that target of endless lust: the shoe. Shoe designers, like fashion designers, often go for over-the-top looks without really considering functionality. These well-heeled examples are often high on form but short on function, though some manage to come up short in both departments. Read more …

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June 18, 2012

Surprised Motorists Make Sudden Street Art

Ingredients: 500 liters of brightly-colored, eco-friendly, wash-away water-based paint, one elevated location with video camera and a whole mess of (2000) cars just waiting at an intersection to be unwitting participants in creating a huge mural. Guerilla artists dumped blue, yellow, purple and red along each major motorway crossing at a single (huge) central space during a pause in traffic, all from their own well-timed vehicular conveyances stopped on the various sides. When they peeled away, bicyclists and moped riders began to trail thin lines of color, crossed in turn by larger leavings from four-wheeled vehicles around them. Mixed paints overlapped and bled to form new colors along the way. A beautifully simple act of interactive and chaotic art on the street – fortunately, no drivers were too distracted to stay the course despite the rather complex nature of this particular intersection.

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June 14, 2012

Street Art Smashes Up Through Sidewalks

Oh yes, you read it right: breaking ground was meant in the literal sense – think Sandworms from Beetlejuice, chewing through asphalt on their way to attack and nature’s own bright orange warning color. Epos 257 is an urban artist with many tools, techniques and approaches, but few are quite so attention-getting as a presumably-rogue pipe (or mythical snake) that bursts up from the cobblestones or concrete right at your feet. Read more …

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June 09, 2012

Wooden Magazine Rack Inspired by Financial Crisis

People get inspired by lots of things but have you ever heard of someone being inspired by the financial crisis ? Have you ever come across a product, or a piece of furniture inspired by prevailing economic condition? Spread 10 y by Antonio Maria Privitera is a handcrafted wooden magazine rack designed to combine the “news” with the now “(in)famous” graph. It also maps the transition between the Silvio Berlusconi government and that of Mario Monti. Finally we think that the Spread 10 y magazine rack  is not just a magazine rack it’s a statement!

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